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    Philadelphia, Pa

    It's been real Firefoot...

    Dear Firefooters,

    After 6 years of playing Lotro and many failed 'updates' I have decided to cancel my sub. Mouse and I have a few weeks left of VIP so we'll be around. I will not delete any toons, nor do I plan to stay away forever. I have a small glimmer of hope there will be an update that actually holds my attention. I have enjoyed my time in Lotro but at this point in time I do not feel I am getting all the joy out of it like the old days.

    If there are any new Creeps who could use some quest items, pots or gold please reply here(please include your name :P) or find me in game creepside on Jjayy or freepside on Foxieroxie. Also if there are new Freeps who could use help with gold, craft items, pots, random lowish level gear from lottos let me know. I'll probably take a few days to spam glff with stuff, and put on the ah for redonk low prices to get it gone.

    There are too many people to list for thank yous so here is a simple one. Thank you Firefoot. I have met a lot of friends here and even though it hasn't always been glamorous...Firefoot is home.

    See you all again!
    <3 Foxieroxie, Merloi, Adorablegoober, Emilythe, Abbeygail, Chestylarouge, Hoottie, Bustystclaire, Drusillah, Jjayy and Halfevil<3

    p.s. One shout out to Runegrim...Thank you so much for giving me my very first 1st age...You are an extremely generous person for helping Mouse and I. You're alright in my book! I don't care what Mouse says about you being so squishy in the Moors <3!

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    Well Foxie I share your Pain. I didn't even by the last expansion=( I stopped playing On Min and started to play creep just to get away from drama but well you know how that goes. I have not or do not intend on renewing my sub until there is some reason to do so. If there is ever Lol!!! I am to busy to play atm but when it slows I will come and start healing again for the poor creeps!! No matter what differences we all have had in the last six years Foxie, It is always a sad day to see someone leave the game for lack of content. You will be missed I am sure those freeps will be crying for some other Cappie to come and buff them!!!And I will miss you just as much!! Lol .............................. ............................Wh y in the heck cant I use enter anymore here LOL .......................... All my love ...................... Minye

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    Foxie a noob. Mouse A-O.K in my book. Don't let her talk you into quitting lotro, drakk. U don't need her. You need to get with me :* <3 jk I <3 foxie mucho mucho <3

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    Sorry to see you go, and hope you enjoy wherever you go.

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    You were always very nice, alas, this wont be the last player to leave, whether it is failed pvp or raids that are a joke, this game now panders to the casual solo player, not pvpers or raiders.

    I cant leave, I was chatting in mumble last night that I actually hope the game gets shut down, that way I can leave easily. I will always have a max level toon as long as the game exists, but it isn't as much fun as it used to be and firefoot is... well.... I will leave that unsaid.
    Connomir: Warden of Firefoots Best, Resurrection.
    95s on Farmfoot: Ramapo - Vendortrash
    Farmpaws and Thorvion forever 15, thank turbine.
    A Proud Member of the Forgotten 10%

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    Oo I cancelled my sub too, <3. I don't plan on returning unless HD is actually good, doubtful though.

    <3 Bai

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    Later Foxie, hope to see you and Mouse back in the fall. GLFF will never be the same.

    Crom laughs at your misfortune...he laughs from his mountain.

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    Hahaha Stalfoe I'm sure we will be back at some point. Maybe in and out frequently. I've had too much fun hurting people's feelings in this game to just up and ditch them Like we have said, at this point in time, the game has just gotten stale. There is little effort put into the improvement of both PvP and PvE. Nonetheless, it's awesome playing with my fiance.

    On the same hand, there have been too many "friendships" built over the game to just abandon completely. We are holding hope that the game will get better. I believe it says a lot about the Firefoot community though when you can be totally miserable playing the game, yet continue to log in just because you enjoy talking to familiar people. People may hate me or think I hate them, but truthfully I've liked everyone I've met in game. To leave completely would almost be like losing something that you've grown so accustomed to.

    As for Glff...PEOPLE ARE DUMB and, yes, it is fun to use this for my benefit or just for lolz.

    If anyone wants to contact us outside of game, we have Facebooks (omg they are real life people) and if you shoot us a message via forum or game we'd be more than happy to add you and keep touch

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    It's WBs' fault
    Holder of a Golden Ticket (lifetime acct)

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    If I had a sub I would have canceled it as well. Bye for now foxy and the mouse as well as bammy and all the rest.

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    Goodbye Foxie. It was always a pleasure to play with you. I hope we will see you back some day soon.

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    she came back tonight!!! I knew the addiction wormed its way in her brain.. You will never escape foxie!! Let lugpoop caress your hair.. as it rests on my pike!!!! RAWR!!!!

    Yours truly best b.a. on firefoot, lugpoop

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    except lugpoop was not seen tonight, he was benched and badarrow took his place.
    Freeps "The Company"
    Creeps "Panty Raid"

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    Aug 2007
    Philadelphia, Pa
    Why yes I did resub last night...Let this be a lesson to all you children out there...Do not consume alcohol and play lotro. I may have to come out on Freep more since all I saw was EC empty of NPC's and full of Creeps...Yep gonna reclaim OC for Foxie Land....Lets see how you guys like them apples


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    --''If anyone wants to contact us outside of game, we have Facebooks (omg they are real life people) and if you shoot us a message via forum or game we'd be more than happy to add you and keep touch''




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