Dear Firefooters,

After 6 years of playing Lotro and many failed 'updates' I have decided to cancel my sub. Mouse and I have a few weeks left of VIP so we'll be around. I will not delete any toons, nor do I plan to stay away forever. I have a small glimmer of hope there will be an update that actually holds my attention. I have enjoyed my time in Lotro but at this point in time I do not feel I am getting all the joy out of it like the old days.

If there are any new Creeps who could use some quest items, pots or gold please reply here(please include your name :P) or find me in game creepside on Jjayy or freepside on Foxieroxie. Also if there are new Freeps who could use help with gold, craft items, pots, random lowish level gear from lottos let me know. I'll probably take a few days to spam glff with stuff, and put on the ah for redonk low prices to get it gone.

There are too many people to list for thank yous so here is a simple one. Thank you Firefoot. I have met a lot of friends here and even though it hasn't always been glamorous...Firefoot is home.

See you all again!
<3 Foxieroxie, Merloi, Adorablegoober, Emilythe, Abbeygail, Chestylarouge, Hoottie, Bustystclaire, Drusillah, Jjayy and Halfevil<3

p.s. One shout out to Runegrim...Thank you so much for giving me my very first 1st age...You are an extremely generous person for helping Mouse and I. You're alright in my book! I don't care what Mouse says about you being so squishy in the Moors <3!