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    You would have thought they learned their lesson with the Tracking an Old Goat deed. Seems not.

    Anyway, many thanks to the OP for the heads up on this one and for helping many people not get stuck.

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    They deserve a better fate.

    We (my spouse and I both tried to turn in this quest before went to the farms, and though we found her and could see her, she had no ring, so we could not turn it in to her[

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    Thumbs down We deserve a better fate too!

    I am completely stuck now too - as I picked up the quest from Garsig, Cyneberg disappeared from inside Lornsettle, and she is gone from outside as well. I can progress the epic questline, but literally nothing else now.

    I am loath to classify things as 'gamebreaking' unless they really and truly stop me accessing the game altogether, but I feel like this bug is pretty nearly gamebreaking in that I feel totally shut out of the new area only about a third of the way in. I will be stuck behind kinmates on grinding due to no fault of my own. I would even be happy to completely restart and redo the quests if that would solve the problem, but I gather it makes no difference.
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    That's the problem with this completely linear questing model. I want my freedom of choice back - when I didn't like one particular quest line in the past I could just skip it. But noooooo... Turbine knows better what's good for me. Do it all or not at all. SUCKS!

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    And this issue may even stop Turbine from generating revenue. After finishing all quests, and my chars has finished anything else, i am not able to do the dailies, so no reason to log in anymore and buy something in the shop, until this issue may be fixed someday....or not...

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    I have no doubt they'll fix it this week, although the real concern is the number of hotfixes we get these days and also the lack of care being reported from customer service. That should never be allowed to happen F2P or sub.

    Frankly Rohan has been a disaster...think I'd rather be following Frodo right now!

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    I have this problem too. All quests completed and have kindred with the People, but the daily rep quests are not unlocked.
    I raised a ticket with a GM and he even denied that there was a known problem and that no one else had reported it. I protested that it was a bug and he just bid me a good night.

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    Turbine? Any word on when this will be fixed? Or should I go back to levelling alts already?
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    I'm having the same issue. I won't be running my Guardian through the new area until this is fixed.

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    A 4 day old thread. I'm not necessary expecting them to have fixed it by now, but I haven't even seen a "sorry we're looking into it/fixing it" reply yet. For a bug of this magnitude that is pretty unacceptable

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    Happened to me as well...

    I'm in the same boat with this quest holding up everything.
    I play as VIP on a 3 month renewal, which just expired, and will not be getting renewed until this is fixed.
    It's the first time I've ever not renewed immediately.

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    First, thank you to the OP for the heads up! I'm sure you have probably saved me some grief.

    Next, I'd like congratulate the forum staff for hiding this thread so well that most players won't know about the bug until they encounter it in-game. Let's see, when balancing the embarrassment of this type of bug with the ability to warn players either through the "known issues" thread (with a work-around) or by conspicuous placement of a thread that discusses it (with a work-around) which option should we choose?

    I guess hiding bugs, refusing to talk about them, and ordering GMs not to assist with them is probably the way to go. Who knows, that might even fix them. Mind over matter and all that.

    But, what do I know?


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    Anyone hear any reaction on it from turbine? Any dev? Any statement that they are aware of? I know 5 more in my kinship that have this issue....but the majority is silent...as always

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    Quote Originally Posted by cirkonia View Post
    Anyone hear any reaction on it from turbine? Any dev? Any statement that they are aware of? I know 5 more in my kinship that have this issue....but the majority is silent...as always
    I have the same issue, 17/25 quests completed and that's it. Locked out of any more quests.

    I have not seen any acknowledgement by Turbine of the issue.

    The important thing here is that everyone must ./bug this issue. That is the only way to make sure this gets resolved. Don't assume others are filing a bug report. Again, everyone please make sure you submit a bug report.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    I documented the path of Cyneberg as I left Forlaw. I had They Deserve a Better Fate and 2 others. I turned them in randomly. None of them sent Cyn away. I then got the quest Remembering Thrymm which is a session play. Completing that makes Cyn go away.

    Next I was sent outside to the stables for "Arrival of Thrymm's War-steed". Cyn is there. Then I go back to the Reeve Garwig. Next I get sent outside with A Quest for Answers and Cyn is located around the back of the Lornsettle (meadhall). I then go to the west gate of Forlaw and summon Cyn to me with the horn there. We mount up and head down the road a short ways to the crossroads where Cyn remains as she sends me out with Strange Sights on the Horizon.

    I turn in An Unfulfilled Errand and Strange Sights on the Horizon at her next in Dunfast. I complete Empty and Another Strange Landmark within Dunfast. A Search for Survivors south of Dunfast; I use a whistle to summon her to me and we both go to the Dunfast's Refugees camp.

    I complete Witnessed Accounts within the camp. I receive Fate of the Livestock and head out, completing some quests and eventually turning in Fate of the Livestock and a few others back at camp. Next I get the session play The Day the Giant Came. I turn that in to Cyn and get The Search for the Missing Man and The Fishermen: Unaware of the Threat (which has a mini-chain of its own and can be completed next). The Search is turned in with Iothete at Iothete's Home. He gives A Clue to the Artifact, and two landscape quests come outside. A Clue is in Dunfast and then you get sent back to Iothete. I get the instance The Story of a Strange Stone, which I complete.

    I receive News the Reeve Must Hear, which sends me back to Cyneberg at the refugee camp. I talk with her for several moments and then I am sent back to Forlaw to talk with Reeve Garwig inside his meadhall. He gives me An Uncertain Fate which sents me back to Cyneberg. At this point Cyneberg has returned with you and stands inside the door to the Meadhall. She tries to run away to the High Knoll instead of going to Byre Tor (where Garwig wanted her to go). Garwig tells you to go after her at the stables. She still refuses to go to Byre Tor and you go back to Garwig.

    This is where our paths separated. Cyn runs off to the High Knoll (you eventually meet back up) and you go on to Byre Tor, which is where both the quest chain and your epic sends you at this point.

    To those who have not hit the bug, try to follow the above path. Don't complete the session play Remembering Thrymm until you've turned in the others. The epic is not influenced by these quests, nor does the epic influence these quests. For those already stuck, try checking the first few locations (heck, maybe try the later ones too) and see if you can locate Cyn (and if so, whether you can turn in the quests you are stuck with).
    I can confirm what Mar-Evayave has said here. Cyn did not disappear until I completed the session play quest from Garwig.

    I probably should have mentioned something when I noticed it last week, sorry.

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    We are 2 that we have this bug, be call a gm I complete the cuest but Cyneberg continues without appearing and I cannot have mas cuest not continue as the reputation of the zone with missing Cyneberg, nobody says anything and I cannot order a report of bug for that the European server do not come .Necesito the cuest and without Cyneberg bi I can follow them

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    STILL not fixed and unable to advance for TWO weeks. If Turbine is happy to take my subscription money, surely they could advance this quest so I can begin to work on the reputation quests for Survivors of Wildermore? As it stands, this is a real game breaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randulf View Post
    A 4 day old thread. I'm not necessary expecting them to have fixed it by now, but I haven't even seen a "sorry we're looking into it/fixing it" reply yet. For a bug of this magnitude that is pretty unacceptable
    To be honest pretty much everything about this last Update has been unacceptable.

    It is quite clear they just don't care any more.

    My guess is they have lost the license and know it so will gouge the playerbase for all they can get by releasing any old rubbish, no matter how bugged.

    All The Best

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    Just a note about a stucked "They deserve a better fate" quest. I am the one who is having it still on the quest list and yes, I am still unable to finish it due the reasons mentioned in this thread. But - under some circumstances this quest is NOT blocking Survivors of Wildermore repeatables. It seems that if you are able to finish the quest chain with the "Final Stand" quest, stucked "They deserve..." quest is no problem for these.
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    Case closed?

    I tried replying to the support ticket email (it said to do so to add any information to the ticket) and got this reply:
    "Your request could not be processed because the ticket is in the status Closed.To submit this as a new issue, please visit our support portal..."
    Anyone else who bugged it have their case listed as closed? Is this normal when the bug is still in-game?
    This is really frustrating, as sad state of affairs.

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    delete this post please moderator
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    Is this still an issue? I've avoided the new area mainly because of this bug (and lag). I thought maybe I'd go check it out now and get started on it but if this is still a problem then I think I'll just skip Wildermore altogether.

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    It's still an issue for me at least.
    Filed another bug report.
    You can avoid the bug now that you know about it, but whether it's worth doing Wildermore...I don't think I'd pay for it knowing what I know now.

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    I am stuck on the quests affected by the bug on two characters, however I did finish all of the other available quests including "Final Stand" on one of the characters and I AM able to run the dailies for the Survivors. Just posting as information to others.

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    That's encouraging at least.
    I have no other quests to progress with and have searched high and low...could you possible list some quests that allowed you to get around this?



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