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    Gratz To Commandar Saridir

    Gratz man always fun running out there with u keep it up next is purple.......Keep the SI coming lol..... Gratz Again

    Don't Do Drugs..... ......Smoke The Herb

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    Jun 2007
    Just congratulated you via in-game jumping

    Well done!

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    Dec 2008

    Grats man!!!!

    gud dammut I cant bel I missed that effward that sucks lol...im too stoned to keep the puns goin but yeah man very well done I would say lets race to purple but I know ill lose to everyone in that :P Well deserved and well earned man on to 12!!
    Sicoreth -r12 cappy Scarbarothe suicidal r8 ba
    The Fallen/Bad Kids

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    Sorry that I am a little tardy with this, but congrats Saridir. I would have posted sooner, but I was levelling my LM after being inspired to kick butt in the Moors like you do.

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    Grats my friend! Its always feels good, no matter which side you play on, when someone who is OUT there, pushing, pulling back when one side overwhelms with numbers and constantly looking for not just a fight but a decent fight, ranks up and we get a moment to say, Well done and thank you for the good fights!
    Anat ~ Damspider, The Black Blade
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