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    Hytbold Fire Department (Brandywine)

    Hytbold Fire Department is a newly formed kin that is currently recruiting all classes, races and levels. We are aiming to be a casual kin that runs end game runs and raids without mandatory events. We are open to new players, veterans and f2p as well.

    People we are looking for... Active while online (we understand real life gets in the way sometimes so there are no mandatory events), people who don't mind helping others or asking for help when they need it. We want players that chat and offer input and aren't afraid to speak their mind. New players are encouraged to join us. We have many players who have been in game for years and are willing to help with any questions you may have.

    People we aren't looking for...Drama kings and queens, we don't want a kin with cliques or people who have nothing better to do then cause trouble within the kin. If your looking for people to power level you we aren't the kin for you, sorry. If you want someone to hold your hand as you level we may not be for you, helping is one thing, leveling your toon is another.

    I realize some kins are looking for big numbers but we want quality over quantity. I would rather have 50 or so active players who like being together and helping each other then have 300 people who never chat or run together. You join a kin for the social aspect so why ignore your fellow kin members?

    At this point there are no requirements for joining us. We just want players who will be active when online.

    Give us a try, if you like us stay, if there is something more you want we understand, no hard feelings.

    If you are interested in joining you may contact me in game. Send a tell or mail to Lupinras.

    Thanks for looking, hope to see you in game and joining us soon.

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    You can also send a message to Haela if Lup is not on at the time.
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    Still Actively looking for you folks to join us =)

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    Bump it up

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    Still looking

    Well we are growing slowly but surely. We have a number of returning players along with a number of 85's at the moment. We are still recruiting all classes and levels in our quest for a active kin. We are doing more kin runs at various levels and soon will start conducting kin events such as spar parties. If you would like to join us send me a mail in game.

    Hope to see you in game,


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    We are still looking

    Still looking for those seeking a casual kin. Please contact me under Lupinras (85 Hunter) or Lupinthor (57 cappy).
    I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have, we can talk in vent if that makes it easier for you.
    Look forward to having you join us.

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    With the summer ending there are more and more people coming back to the game. We have a good amount of 85's but are on at different times. Looking for those who are interested in a active kin without the mandatory runs. We have kin vent and a website and invite all of you to join us there.

    Still looking for any class and levels, all are welcome. I've been playing my cappy so you can reach me in game as Lupinthor.

    Hope you join us, happy hunting and thanks for reading.



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