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I would recommend you really investigate the game before writing a review. Several things you discuss are just wrong, completely wrong, and it destroys any credibility you are looking for. If the reason is because English isn't your first language then I definitely recommend you get an English speaker in the game to help you out (see On Clans below). Here are a couple items just looking over the review:

On Dungeons in RoR: In these dungeons you can attain star lit crystals and tarnished crests. You use Tarnish crests to craft nice legendary weapons and a horse and you use star lit crystals to upgrade these legendarily. The legendarily can each be upgraded three times and increase the power of the weapons/horse to give you that edge. (A horse? Really? I can craft a horse? If you talk about crests you also have to include symbols since you are referencing the creation of legendary items.)

On Legendaries: Once your legendary reaches level 60 you then reforge it one last time. At this time you are able to name the weapon. (Unsure what you meant to say but you can name a legendary each time you reforge, and not just weapons but all legendaries. There is more but you need to find that out yourself.)

On Clan Functionality: The kingship's in LOTRO are quite simple. You are able to create ranks and add people to the kingship and does not evolve much from there. However you are able to own a kingship house in which the clan can meet and store all there wares. (Whoa! They did a kin upgrade and didn't tell us?!? A clan? If I get a kingship house is it a castle? And on the subject, if we have a kingship and a clan, are we Scottish?)

On Combat: Slow and lackluster. You need a lot of patients when leveling in this game. Not due to the time it takes to get to cap which has been reduced in the period of the games life but the combat can be slow to knock out the skills you cast. (Um, I don't know what you are fighting but I find combat very fast. You want to experience slow combat? Try playing EQ, now that's slow combat! Yes, this one is subjective, but it is general concensus.)

These are just a few of the many more that exist. I commend you for wanting to get out there and write, but you need to do research for something like this, not base your review on your feelings alone. Sorry if the replies seem brutal but you need to expect it:

1. You wrote a review on a game many folks are very passionate about.
2. The review is full of glaring mistakes and false information that make it seem you haven't played or at least have not experienced the things you talk about. I assume you've played a bit and alot of the things you got wrong are common knowledge items.
3. You posted the review on a site that portrays itself as an "expert" site, thus it seems you are looking to be counted as an authority on the game, its mechanics, audience, story and so on.
4. You posted a review that is full of grammar and spelling mistakes. As stated, if English is not your main language you need to get with someone who speaks and writes it fluently and plays the games. Then you would know that we are in kins, not kingships, and the group is a kin, not a clan. Little word problems like that will destroy your credibility as a reviewer and a writer.

When you step off into that role of "I am now an authority" you need to expect the backlash. I am not saying to stop writing, far from it. Just research your material first, proofread and get others to proofread as well, and wear heavy armor when you release the review...
I actually have a minstral at level cap and I have been doing the dungeons with my community. However I had taken a break due to the dissapointment that the new dungeons was hobbit themed and not rohan themed and as such I have developed altered memories of my play through as time has elapsed. However I do sence that you seem to be taking my review personally and I think that as constructive as your feedback has been your quite overpowering with your opinion, but I thank you for the feedback anyway and I will use your feedback to help improve the review