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    UI Elements vs Screen Resolution

    I'm slowly getting frustrated with the sheer number of UI elements we have and the fact that many of them seem to serve no purpose or only have a purpose for certain portions of the game.

    What makes it worse is the maximum resolution of my monitor is 1440x900, which isn't the worst resolution size but does make the screen a little cluttered. When i press shift+\ to move the elements about it just looks like a mess of semi-opaque boxes which i find hard to decipher, and even harder to fit without overlapping, and then i go and do something and find a new element that doesn't show up in shift+\ until you're performing a task and have to mess around with it again.

    I thought reducing the scale of the UI might help, but making most things much smaller than 90% makes them unreadable for me.

    So a couple of questions;
    1. Has anyone who uses 1440x900 got any tips of where to put things?
    2. Is there a list of all the UI elements and what they actually do?
    3. Does anybody have a list of elements that only show in shift+\ when certain actions are being performed and what those actions are?
    4. Are there any UI elements that just aren't used for anything any more and can be "shoved off the edge of the screen"?
    5. How do i reset the UI to default if i mess up?
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