So, my minstrel is 85 and have 5/6 hytbold pieces, so i was naturally starting about thinking what to do next. I have not done any instances since Rise of Isengard...which did not go so well. I found it quite hard to keep track of all the members of my fellowship and my own morale. I really want to try the new 3mans and maybe the Smaug raid someday...but i am not sure if i am ready.

Except from my hytbold gear everything i have is quest gear. I don't know where i can get better jewellry without doing instances first. I have a very nice kin that would probably allow me to join some instances, but i am not confident myself. Here is my character:

I think i have the right legacies for my weapon and book, but i still need a shield and jewellry...any tips where i can get some without crafting myself or doing instances?

Thanks in advance.