Equinox now recruiting

Brand new Kin Established, we are in need of matured minded people, we are also 4 the idea 2 have family members that r a bit younger to be in the kin 2, so if u have a son/daughter that like 2 play 2, bring them in and lets have some fun together.

We are a casual kinship (for now) with a view to doing instances/quests/raids etc., together and having a structured organisation that goes with it organised already.

We r open for all classes and levels, it doesn’t matter if you are new 2 the game or a seasoned veteran. Level 1 or 85 doesn’t matter, we need members that are willing to help their fellow kin m8’s anyway they can, and most of all having fun every time we play the wonderful world of Tolkien.

If this kin is what u have been looking 4, send a tell/mail camweka/minweka in game, we have also a website open

Remember we don’t tolerate BS and other &&&& that goes on from time 2 time.

As I said, this is a brand new kin...