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    Great Barrows: The Maze freeze issue

    Today i was healing GB Maze and at last boss, when the second wight became active, our whole fellow except me got terrible freeze and went off...i was the only one who wasnt affected by this at all.

    So i was thinking maybe some of my healing skills caused this. I used Triumphant spirit in the first attempt, but it seemed it was after the freeze.

    Then i persuaded my fellows to do another try, but just couple of seconds after the start - the same scenario, all but me got freezed and then link losted.

    Why am i concerned only about GB? Well because before that we went to Annu:Glinghant and everything was just fine.

    It seems like healing skills might gain some glitch after u11, according to these threads as well:



    So my question, to make things little bit more clear, did anyone experienced the same thing in GB or anywhere else? Either whole fellow freeze or all but healer?

    EDIT: It seems that all these encounters have one thing in common, the very same self healing animation(in GB its when first wight is being hit when his shield is up) so pretty much THIS causes the freeze.
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    We had the same problem yesterday. Freeze after heal sequence of the last boss.

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    Twice last night for us. The first time was right after we killed the 20 arms, second time was when we had just started the fight.



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