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    Book 10 Foreword: Can't accept or decline

    As the title states, i am unable to get the bestowal epic quest away from my screen. Re-log does not work, so i'm kinda stumped. I can progress the epic story, but it just stays there...weird.
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    I don't think the bestowal quest (Harding's Concern) is related to the epics. So you would either need to be VIP or have bought the Wildermore quest pack to complete this one.

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    I am also having this problem.......submitted a ticket...they couldn't help....submited a bug report...nothing yet

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    Also having this problem. Ticketed and bugged.

    At least in my case, I believe this occurred because I accepted Vol III;Book 10; Ch. 1 before accepting the Foreword. This due to being behind on epics and the same NPC that completes the last chapter of Book 9 also gives Book 10; Ch 1. From what I gathered in a short conversation with a GM, this may be resolved in a future update/hotfix, but until then, it's stuck on your screen.

    Does anyone know if there's an option to change the size of the quest acceptance/advancement button that pops up? I couldn't find anything in UI options.

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    I am also having the exact same problem.frustating

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    Same problem with me too; for last few days having this on my screen without being able to get rid of it. Any solutions would be much appreciated.
    I am progressing through epic quest with no problems otherwise.

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    If you have already completed Volume 3 book 10, CHAPTER 1 you CANNOT acquire OR dismiss the forward. You will have to wait for a patch.

    If you haven't completed volume 3 book 10, chapter 1, you can cancel chapter 1, pick up and complete the forward, then pick up chapter 1 and precede as normal.
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    Ok, I'll wait for the patch and try and ignore it on my screen!



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