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    Lightbulb Best Way To Farm Medallions SOLO

    I am a hunter but my gear sucks! Due to this I can't find groups to accept me into instances that give me gear... stupid right? So I was wondering what is the best way for me (level 85 hunter) To SOLO farm medallions? I would very much appreciate any answer, have a nice day

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    several advices, join pugs, do skirmishes on 85 lvl, that should get you some medallions... add to that keep doing your hytbold dailies and you should at leist get better armor...
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    It's not that easy, solo. I'd recommend doing warbands (though I'm not sure if some medallions dropped only from the likes of Bugud or Kramp), skirmishes.

    BUT, you can collect a great armour set just by doing Hytbold. Get reputation rings (teal. Or gold, if you can afford buying gems). Buy (if you can afford it) crafted jewellery or ask somebody in you kinship to craft it for you.

    btw. Strange that anybody might have inspected you and refused to invite to Sambrog farm or School/Library. These are VERY easy. A
    s a warden, if I really needed to do School and nobody from my kinship was around, I would take two undergeared hunters, as the only thing I can't do alone, put out the books to do the challenge. This and some dps to make it faster might be sufficent.

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    Personally I've never been denied a group because og gear. Often people are more interested in Virtue ranks.

    Apart from that, do the Hytbold dailies to get the 6 piece armor set, it's pretty good and FINE for all T1 / T2 content in the game at the moment.

    Warbands + Skirmishes is a good source for meds and marks and after U11 there are a few more warbands in Wildermore if you have access.

    Hope this help, the good thing about LotRO is that you can grind pretty good gear without ever entering an instance

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    you will never get enough medallions solo or it will take like forever to get them

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    Try get in a Sambrog group, they're pretty basic and easy. You get lots of marks/medallions and evne some seals. I as a soloer gave up on trying to get medallions through solo skirmishes, sambrog however goes way faster and it shouldnt be too hard to find a group.
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    Just like everyone else has said, Work your way through the Hytbold gear as it's worth getting and you shouldn't be declined for having it as a lot of people are still using that armour.

    Other than that, finding a kinship that will allow you to group with them, no matter what gear, would also be another viable option.

    Sambrog or Ost Elendil are the quickest ways to get medallions/marks in 6 man and require no skill or high equipment.

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    And now you can buy at AH most of items with ~150 Agi at very low prices...

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    you dont need medallons.

    Do hytbold dailies, unlock your class armor, its an excelent option if you dont have the erebor tier 2 deed completed yet.

    As for the jewelry and other things? buy them in the AH for 5 golds each.

    Legendary weapons or symbol to craft one ? Buy them in the AH.

    You dont need Erebor armor to participate in Raids tier 2 . You can do them with Hytbold set with no problem.

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    Kill Warbands. Between Rohan and Wildermore we have over 25. Each has a substantial chance to drop 3-7 medallions per box per day. Much more effective than solo skirmishes.

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    If you'd like to get well geared in a solo manner, then you should be farming GOLD, not meds. Like a few people have said, you can buy decent teal gear from the AH for only a handful of gold per piece. Maybe you need help picking out good gear? Well, it's easy if you're a hunter, all you need to do is buy gear that has the most agility possible pretty much. Or maybe you need help farming gold? Well, there's many strategies for that, and luckily you shouldn't have a problem getting gold seeing as you are a DPS class which basically means that you can farm mobs much quicker than say a tank could. If I were you, I would just go out in a densely-populated area in Rohan and just farm humanoids (orcs). Humanoids drop about 40 silver a pop, plus you can sell the loot (scholar mats, lootboxes, lootbox keys, etc.) on the AH for all that gold that you will need to get geared up.

    Hope these ideas help. I'm also a hunter and I'm basically wearing 85 crafted armor and jewelry. Only thing on my toon that I would consider "elite" are the relics on my two 2nd age LI's.

    Good luck!

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    the hytbold armour is fantastic for new 85s, and most classes get amazing bonuses that even make them better than the Greater Erebor armour in many cases...

    example: +10% healing on Hytbold Watcher for minstrel (4-piece bonus).

    That bonus alone gives you far more than you could get with +2-3% stat increase on greater erebor set.

    My Hunter is lucky enough to wear 2 Horse-Lord pieces, but wears 2 pieces from Hytbold bowmaster, and 2 from Hytbold Huntsman.

    Why? the two piece set bonuses. -10% bow inductions (i.e. +10% dps) and +5% crit chance.

    I'd take -2% stats any day to get those kind of benefits.
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    Farm Sambrog

    Sambrog gives 600+ marks and 70+ meddalions (correct me if I am wrong on those numbers). It takes about 10 minutes at most and I've seen it run with no tank so it is really easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buunyblaster View Post
    Sambrog gives 600+ marks and 70+ meddalions (correct me if I am wrong on those numbers). It takes about 10 minutes at most and I've seen it run with no tank so it is really easy.
    Even no tank and no healer (we ran it just with a few champs, nothing else...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castorix View Post
    Even no tank and no healer (we ran it just with a few champs, nothing else...)

    all you really need for sambrog is a captain + dps. as long as you are killing you are being healed, and its a champs dream



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