Hi everyone.

We are currently looking to recruit a few more people to join our kin. All levels and classes are welcome.

The kin has existed as two kins originally (The Suffering and Knights of the White Tree) on Snowbourn with both kins having a history since LOTRO began. When the server closed, many members from both kins chose to merge as we spent a lot of time together.

We are about Fun, Friendship and Family above all else. We cover ALL aspects of the game not just End Game content but we do a current raid run every Friday night.
We have all the standard tools, Discord, active forum and event planner to make your time with us as easy and as relaxed as possible. The kin is a healthy mix of nationalities and age groups but I would say our average age is probably on the higher side of the scale

If you are looking for somewhere to settle and enjoy the game at your own pace in a kin that is big enough to help out but not so big that you’re just a number, message Utherkai, Topbum, Daddysgirl or Garvelin in game or have a look at the kin ethos and apply online.


I look forward to welcoming you into Suffering Knights of Snowbourn.