Hey everyone, so I've come back from a pretty long break. I've had time now to get acquainted with the new levels and zones and have got to dabble slightly in some 105 content. With the expansion coming up I am looking for an end game raiding progression kinship. What does that mean to me? I am looking for a hardcore raiding group, who cares about the min/max who cares about farming t2 end game content.

What can I bring to the table??
I've been around a very long time and have raided in some of the top tier progression kins in this game, I can listen and I can research a class and become very good at it.

One of the top kins I was in for those of you vets was There and back again which was known for quite some time as one of the top farming kins across servers.

If you're that hardcore end game kin feel free to drop me a PM