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    Healsyouu rank 10!

    Gratz on rank you baddie! Keep ezmode healtagging

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    Congrats badster

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    He'd be 11 by now but he's too fat.
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    Your welcome for helping you rank you cute faced cherub. But foreals Grats on rank cutiepuff

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    Gratz, Healsyouu!!

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    Grats on 10 Heals, now quit healing all the baddies so I can get more KB's!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irin19 View Post
    Grats on 10 Heals, now quit healing all the baddies so I can get more KB's!
    Don't you listen to him Heals.
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    Haha u rocks heals but u ll always be too soft for this sht

    Huge congrats girl!!!
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    Omg how did i miss this. I'd say congratulations but we both know what you'll do if i open my mouth.

    @Morteth: just stop breaking the lore please.... magical electrical weirdo in a robe... geez

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    Grats, noob! It sure did take you long enough. I was beginning to wonder if my Reaver was going to beat you to it. But, I know you feel as though you are "special" or at least that is what your mother tells you when she tucks you in night. Oh, wait a minute, this isn't the grats thread for Hellsfog it's the one for Healsyou. Well then congratulations to my hero
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    Congrats, Heals!

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    Grats heals! you are amazing; keep it up

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    In the dark behind a chair.

    Congratz Heals!

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    Bah, he just farmed it haha

    Gratz heals! I dont know how you understand what i say because my english sucks but thanks for always try to listen and laugh.

    I missed your rages on vent too haha, keep it up

    Rank 10 War Leader // Rank 11 Guardian



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