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@Lestache and likeminded people:

OK folks, I'm having enough of this, I am leaving the game. I have made a severe mistake and I am taking full responsibility for it here and now.

I can't believe that people are like what I see here and elsewhere. If this is what the Lotro community is as a whole I don't want to be a part of it anymore.

I regret very much that I tried to help and console those who were very saddened by the music bug with a good message. I regret it because your hate that you now turn against Turbine, me, my kin, my kinleader and the whole music community is unbearable for me.

I should have known better. I should have known that there is no thought of "Hey, I am happy for you!". Not a single one, not a millisecond. There is no thought of "Hey, great, I can visit that event now".
My very first sentence in this thread:

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That's good news for Weatherstock and all involved.
As for my "hate" - I've felt hate perhaps once in my life, and that was 17 years ago. I certainly haven't "turn[ed] against" you, your kin or the whole music community, which I clearly stated (emphasis added):

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My issue isn't with you or anyone in LMB or at Weatherstock - I'm more concerned with the fact that one particular game-breaking bug* was given near-immediate attention when pretty much every other one is shuffled off into the "bug it, we'll get to it when we can" pile.
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I tried to help but instead I was scolded by my kin. Because they feared this what is now happening here. This is not what I wanted and this is not what I want to be a part of any longer if this is all that can ever happen. If help is not rewarded in this part of the world I will go, seek and find another one where it is.

Go ahead and pour all your jealousy over people, do what you want. But one thing is now for certain: You will do it without me. Make all your most stupid and uninformed assumptions, do whatever you want.

But you will do it now without me. I am leaving because of you. Because I cannot allow you to have this bad influence on my sparetime. Not for a second longer. I will remove myself from this equation here and now in the hope that it will bring your minds the well deserved peace.

And I hope you are now proud of having driven me out of the game. But next time you look into a mirror take a close look at your face and ask yourself if you really like the person you see, knowing what that person in the mirror did to a fellow player, a fellow kinship and to those who made the game in the first place.

And next time you see someone being helped and it is not you just think twice before you open your mouth and maybe just let things happen.
I'm sorry that your kin scolded you. Hopefully those that did so will apologize to you if they feel remorse for having done so.

I'm sorry that I didn't add another, "I'm happy for you," in my second post - I probably should have.

I'm sorry that you're feeling like quitting, but I won't take responsibility for it. I brought up an issue of concern and tried to be clear about why it concerned me (moreso in my second post than the first, admittedly). I made it clear (but apparently not clear enough) that my issue wasn't with you. I didn't launch into hyperbole, make idle threats, or resort to name-calling or disparaging of anyone. I addressed the facts that were available to me and posed the question, "Why?"

What you refer to as "stupid and uninformed assumptions" others might call inferences. For that matter, I'm not even sure which "stupid and uninformed assumptions" you're talking about - the idea that you were in direct contact with someone within Turbine, which you confirmed?

If you want to place the blame on me for your decision to leave the game, that's your right. I think that it's misplaced, but your emotions aren't mine to dictate - only you can control them.

As for me, the person in the mirror and I will be just fine with each other, although perhaps I'll be slightly sad that someone for whom I have zero animosity apparently wishes me ill.