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    Inn of the Forsaken

    I was wondering if there is any loot gear for the instance Inn of the Forsaken.

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    There is a few instance specific items that you get from a skirmish camp. You can visit the NPCs see what is available to barter for. If I Recall Correctly - the only items worth anything are jewelery and perhaps a pocket item that is useful for some of the classes. There are no drops or chest gear.
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    ok, ty

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    There are a handful of scaled item drops that were added to the instance with U10, most of which have been added and categorized to this loot list on the lotro wiki:
    Eilinel, Bejaren- 85 Hunters
    Lienric-85 Warden
    Ilenwyn-85 Mini
    Gerlendad- 85 Burg

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    Yeah man, all the scaled instances got their own loot with U10. Own teal and gold loot that is, they all used to already have purple stuff that is no longer available. Most of it wasn't much good anyway.
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    the potential of Teal drops in every instance is a huge and wonderful addition to the game.

    There's just a few minor adjustments they need to make to the system, seals should drop on challenges weighted against average time spent in an instance be groups from start to completion.

    That would stop seal farming and reward players evenly and get them to venture out into more of the obscure instances like Inn of the Forsaken.

    I have yet to ever have an appropriate group to do Inn of the forsaken at 85 because of farming of Sambrog and short instance runs.

    Longer runs like IotF should have more seal / medallion rewards for proper completion. That's how we'll get people running things like scuttledells and great goblin again.

    Looking at the actual loot from IotF, honestly, the teals are nice, but with so much choice out there, I don't see many people wanting these pieces. and that's ok.

    It doesn't look like any gold class items fall in this instance according to most loot tables I've seen.
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