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    Does anyone have a shopping list for guild symbols?

    I'm making a spreadsheet for items needed for all the guild reputation symbols, plus I am noting the number of cooldown days for each.

    Does anyone have a full up to date shopping list for any of the guilds? I'm looking mainly for weaponsmith at the moment but I need all really.

    Please post it here if you do!

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    your mind
    lotro-wiki does of course, a chart of cooldowns, and all the recipes with what's required.

    Weaponsmith specific link: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Weaponsmith%27s_Guild

    Crafting guild link w/CDs and links to others: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Crafting_Guild
    Link to our community LOTRO store google spreadsheet pricelist and conversion rates, please contribute too!: https://goo.gl/wxPqCm

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    There is an excellent guide posted in the crafting forum here:


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    Once a day / every 3 days / every 7 days, that is about it. With each crafting alt I login to do the daily recipe daily, Wednesday I do the 3 day, Sunday I do the 7 day. After 4 ish years of guild crafting its easier just to make a it a regular job.

    Then Monday and Fridays I mostly farm ore/hides to feed them, or more often if I have a alt needing sets of armour/jewellery plus its own guild crafting

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0Pinger View Post
    ...With each crafting alt I login to do the daily recipe daily, Wednesday I do the 3 day, Sunday I do the 7 day...
    I do similarly, except the 3-day I actually do every 3 days (when possible), and the 7-day I generally do on Mondays because, unless you are ultra-organised, almost certainly you'll find you're short of some materials and Sunday is possibly the most expensive day to buy stuff on the AH. Mind you, on the other side of the coin, by Monday sometimes the AH can be empty and certain materials remain scarce until the following weekend!



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