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    Greater Erebor Build

    Hey everyone, before I start building out this set I wanted to see what other players have experienced.

    Proposed build:
    4 Greater Erebor Bowmaster
    2 Greater Erebor Hunstman

    Fleetness traited.
    Legacies for HS.

    I don't know the actual proc rate on the HS reset, but I think I saw someone say it was 3-5% chance? So I could figure maybe 1-3 per minute. While the power cost would normally be prohibitive, I was thinking I could gear swap the Huntsman pieces out for the Moors Predator set, with 50% HS power cost reduction.

    Has anyone tried this setup yet?
    Was it worth it?

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    You're in luck, because that's what I use! I have 4 of both the huntsman and bowmaster so I've tried it all. Power isn't as big of an issue as you'd expect as long as you have a cappy or a generous loremaster in the group (without one, don't even try to use HS lol). The sustained damage seems to be comparable to using 4 of the huntsman set, but it is a lot more fun. It requires more focus though, since the buff only stays up for 20s when it procs, so you have to keep an eye out and use the skill quickly when it happens (I REALLY wish it worked more like the instacast barbed arrow buff). I'd say 3-5% sounds reasonable, I've had times where it finishes cooldown before reactivating, and other times where it will activate essentially 3x in a row (in other words, hs-ps-hs-ps-hs-ps)

    The huntsman set is easier if you're feeling lazy, the buff from it is active close to 24/7 and gives a decent damage boost. Overall I'd say the HS has slightly better burst potential but both sets are about equal for sustained damage.

    Also to note: the inductionless heartseeker is clunkier to use than focus shots. You absolutely have to use a focus shot both before and after the heartseeker, otherwise your character just stands around doing nothing for literally ~5 seconds. It took me a while to realize it, once I used swift bow immediately after, and it took so long to go off I thought maybe the heartseeker did have an induction but I just didn't see it.
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