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    Upgraded erebor armour set-bonuses broken?

    After completing the last t2 raid i needed to be able to barter the t2 sets, i went to the skirmish camp to get the upgraded version.
    Since im not interested in tanking on my cappy and also didnt like the healing set-bonuses i went for the Greater-Erebor-Charge set. With normal trait setup for fellowships (5red +2b +red capstone and oathbreakers) i run some instances and later on did some testing on the dummies.
    After seeing the results, my exitement about the new set was completly gone. After 4 6-men instances and a 1 hour dummie bashing i had oathbreaker-cd resetted 3 times from the set. 2 times out of 3 the normal cd was almost gone (around 20s left). I got those results by using 4 pieces greater erebor charge and 2 pieces dagor (orthanc) to reduce shadows lament cd, using shadows lament each time as soon as off cd.
    At the moment i would not recommend anybody to waste your seals/meds/gems for that set, since the bonus is just completly unreliable for any dps race and next to useless in any other situation. After checking my combat analysis and comparing to resets, i figured the reset chance is somewhere below 5%. Definetly not worth crippling any decend build for.

    Did anyone else made some testing on this and got some numbers (mine are probably not worth a lot when doing some maths)?

    Also i'd like to hear some reasonable suggestions, how to make the bonus working properly.

    Thanks for reading,
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    Armour set bonus notwithstanding, the Erebor Leader set is currently one of the better sources for critical defense. And the Hytbold Healer still packs quite a punch when DPSing, unless you are facing easy content, in which case you will probably run with 0s rallying cry, 5.7s Shadows lament anyway.

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    It probably is broken. I can't comment on this set but I know the 65 OD set that has the same 4 set bonus works just fine. Besides the fact it doesn't have a 1m 30s CD or whatever like Erebor.

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    Yeah.... Once I slotted 4 Hytbold Healer armor pieces, I've yet to remove those for PvE.
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    Have the new sets been tested in u11 beta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almagnus1 View Post
    Yeah.... Once I slotted 4 Hytbold Healer armor pieces, I've yet to remove those for PvE.
    Currently in HOH spec I can't beat 4 Hyt Healer + 2 Perseverance. No WAY am I as experienced a cappy as Led or many of you though, but this layout plus sword and shield makes me tough and able to chuck out some serious RC/VS spam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Almagnus1 View Post
    Yeah.... Once I slotted 4 Hytbold Healer armor pieces, I've yet to remove those for PvE.
    That is my main set as well, but I switch to 4 command/2 perserverence if heals aren't needed. +10% raid damage is nice. Not that I've been raiding so much recently, been doing more PvP actually (where I run 4 command 2 perseverence anyway).

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    I know on the 2nd build of BR the set bonus was a 30% chance to proc reset, but since like 4th-5th Build it was lowered to 10% and I'm guessing on Live they went with 10% or maybe even less.. so maybe you're just having very bad luck?



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