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    Forgotten Treasury Deed

    Trying to complete the deed Treasures of the Silvertine Lodes, despite running the instance multiple times I've yet to see the Large Gem drop anywhere. Is this just a really rare mob drop or is it hidden somewhere that I just haven't found yet, despite completing the instance?

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    Large Gem drops from any of the 7 named top-level bosses.

    My guess is you've not been looting them manually. You need to do so. You'll also get a quest starter item from the corpse of at least one of them.
    [CENTER]Tarmas Elf Champion R13 | Tarmeg Elf Guardian R6 | Tarmil 95 Elf Warden | Tarmun Elf Hunter R6 | Tarmot Elf Minstrel R6 | Tarmyr Elf Loremaster R6
    Strawn Reaver R6 | Strawz Warg R6 | Strawk Blackarrow R6 | Strawx Warleader R6 | Strawb Defiler R6 | Strawt Weaver R6[/CENTER]



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