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Thread: Grandstair Bugs

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    Grandstair Bugs

    Hello I recently ran Grandstair two times yesterday. I was doing the quests you acquire from The Orc Watch and 21st hall and it wants me to kill The Devoted and Nardur. Well everytime I get to where they should be they are not there. Do you guys have any idea where they could be? Or is it a bug? Thanks!

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    The Devoted should appear during the fight with Igash, but you can also fight him separately early if you go down the stairs that are to the right if you're facing the path towards Igash, a few floors down. Don't remember if you have to fight him that way to get quest credit.

    Nardur doesn't ring a bell... is he the guy for the hunter class quest? If so you'll need to have a hunter in your group with the quest to trigger him when you get to his platform, again near Igash.

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    Grand Stair runs on a timer.

    From the beginning of the first battle, you have ten minutes (Nardur says as much as he leaves) before the White Hand orcs initiate their attack on Igash's forces. If this happens, Nardur kills the Devoted, and dies himself to poison.

    In order to reach them alive, you need to stop Nardur. That is, you need to reach and attack him before ten minutes are up. After this, the Devoted will still be alive during your battle with Igash. Google for GS maps to find out where Nardur is, the place is bit of a maze.

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    And use Google for a so well known instance before writing "bugs" in the title...
    There are enough real bugs in this game...



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