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    Buying Mallorn Hammer Recipe

    Buying Mallorn Hammer recipe.

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    Umm. Not clear which server you are on, so I doubt I can help physically. As far as info goes, however, I have had a quick look at my woodworker. Mallorn hammer is a level 56 melee weapon recipe. I don't think I have a complete set of those, which makes it most probable that it is a supreme woodworker random drop. As far as the hammer goes, rather than the recipe, I would ignore it. At level 58 the silver mallorn hammer shows up with, more importantly, the guild recipe for the peerless silver mallorn hammer. So that would be the one to go for as far as actual use of the item is concerned.

    In the spirit of 'belt and braces' however, besides the main crafting flet in Caras Galadhon, which someone has already suggested, don't forget to check out the crafting vendor in the vineyards and the traders by the boats.



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