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    Class Trait Trees?

    So I heard around that we were getting Class Trees with U11. Well, this is quite a thing to add this late into game? I do love skill trees but these are going to be a pain to get used to. I also heard that we are going to be sacrificing certain roles. (Get rid of AoE so we can have better Single Target on champs). I don`t have a problem with that since I take one role and stick with it for my classes. But Skill trees? Hmmm.

    Whats everyone`s 2 cents on the matter?
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    [QUOTE=94217856;6782034]So I heard around that we were getting Class Trees with U11. /QUOTE]

    Not U11, but they will come out in Helms Deep.

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    For some classes it'd just be like putting more commitment into the current trait-stance system. Most classes have at least 2 different play styles that you essentially commit to by the way you trait, gear and what stance you use. I quite like that about the current character set up vs other rpgs if I'm honest.

    I can see the attraction of dumping those AoE skills to really rip through single targets but the versatility of some classes is what makes them so much fun. If you're forced to commit your mini to healing and lose all that W/S fun (for example) I can see a lot of people being unhappy.

    Saying that I doubt Turbine would do something that drastic in terms of completely changing the way every class works.
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    Don't forget that we get a little extra.

    The new system will also allow to switch between skill trees - like the war-steed system.
    Less visits at the bard will be necessary.

    One wants to specialize on single target and defences? Why not. Another one wants to be the best AOE fighter hoping that someone keeps him alive?

    We basically already have some sort of a tree based system, that's the skill set bonuses and legendary traits.
    Spend 2 points on the blue line, get a blue trait as bonus
    Spend 5 points on the blue line, get a blue trait as bonus and unlock a blue legendary trait.

    It's a very flat tree, ok
    But it's there.

    I don't see much danger in having a visible tree instead of the hidden ones we have now.

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    This will without a doubt help LMs and captains. Also classes that fill 2 roles of the trinity pyramid. Compare how easy it is to change build/stance on warsteed. Heck, just by picking a different stance/inspiration as a LM you will either keep group healed; morale or power or offer a nice damagebuff (ofc requires people to hit the monster that has inspiration).

    At the end of the day this will enhance my play experience.



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