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    Has anyone reached the max crit %?

    My understanding is that crit rating is 'capped' at 25% (ignoring the supposed diminishing returns after 25%). Anyway I am curious if people have reached the 25% mark, and if so how? Does it require raid or moor's gear?

    I don't do much raiding or instances and I don't pvp, my crit is about 20.2% and with buffs goes up to 22% or so.

    In case you care why I ask, I was watching a a conversation on GLFF about crit and someone mentioned that the Erebor (sp?) set increases the crit max to 30% (before diminishing returns) and it just made me think about this.


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    I have! I'm at a little over 10k rating unbuffed, but when you throw in cappy buffs and the crit buff from my cloak it puts me right at 25% in a group. To get to the cap, look for pieces with raw crit rating over agility or fate, neither of the stats really add very much crit. But make sure that you don't sacrifice much mastery while going for it. Also I think just about every hunter should use the bracelets that add 150agility and 800-something crit, they're really good! The horse-lords ones are even better. The Erebor set does not increase the crit cap in any way, shape, or form.

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    Unbuffed I am at 23.7% and 39k PM. I can get it capped unbuffed but instead went after some Tact Mit.

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    Crit cap is right around 13.4k raw crit rating, for every class. So, yes, it's very doable to reach it. My hunter has had capped crit ever since late RoI, it's quite easy to reach if you have a lot of agility, fate, and base crit rating. With all the new proc items though, there's frankly no point in capping crit without procs up, so probably best to work on other areas. I like to keep mine as high as possible without purposefully putting into it because that means my crit magnitude is quite high and I do more damage overall (even though it's 25% chance to crit, I usually end up with 50-60% crits in real practice). With full raid buffs and procs, I'm close to 16k crit and 50% extra magnitude on top of existing inherit ones, so I regularly hit pretty good numbers.
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    crit caps at 25% but magnitudes keep going after capped crit. Though I've dropped crit to work on other areas. As long as I'm at capped crit(or near it) during raids,its all that matters. I didn't see the point in getting 14-16k crit just for a few more % of magnitudes if it meant losing more % in mits/pm.

    Alot of the new items that came with U11 are crit heavy so its gonna be easier to get higher crits using those. Theres even a bracelet with 119 vit and 800 crit....or a barter version that compares with the teal relic robbers if you dont own annuminas instances.then the earrings with about 400 crit each.
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    About 11.5k unbuffed crit rating. It goes up with the agi and crit procs as others have said. Once it goes over the 25% cap, all that happens is that crits produce bigger hits, enabling some truly stupid numbers.

    I've invested in things that make me sturdier such as tact mit and inc heals, so my base PMR isn't as high as some here, only around 35k.
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