Hi, I have a level 85 Lore-Master, r7, full Audacity, DPS, etc on the Imladris server (also a r5 Defiler)

The Imladris server can be described in one word...unbalanced. In PvMP that is. The Creeps do nothing but die/be camped at Grams literally all day long. Rarely they group up and take stuff (in the morning when most Freeps are offline/asleep of course) but not shortly after 3:00 averagely in the afternoon, Freeps take everything (Freeps would take Grothum, DG, and Grams if they could. Multiple times have Freeps got inside Grams as well)

Basicly, Freeps are high-ranks, have the nessecary knowledge, have more then enough leaders, etc and the Creeps are nothing but comms and renown. A creep quoted once "We are only here to entertain the VIPs" so yes Imladris is very unbalanced on top of constant drama.

I was looking for a server to move to in Update 11 but I do not know what PvP server is the most balanced.

So I need to know a few things before I switch such as:

Do Freeps rule PvP?
Do Creeps rule PvP?
Is it balanced?
Do both sides have high-ranks/leaders?
Is the server large?
Is the server small?
Are there many intelligent players?

Just stuff like that.