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    Cool Re: Defilers and 1v1's

    So, there's a big 1v1 night coming up on my server, and I figured I'd come here for a bit of advice, and to see what the more experienced 'filers thought about something.

    So, I'd like some general tips on build/ specific class 1v1 tips.
    My current build:
    (r7 Defiler, 13 aud, non p2w)
    Corruptions: HfP2, 2x Crit Prot, 3x Masteries
    Traits: Fast Lob, Health Boost, Enh Fungal Spores, Enh Slime, Armour boost, Enh Slow, and Enh Flies (bought using sigil)

    Any tips would be appreciated, and there's just one last thing, are flies currently okay for 1v1s, or should I leave them out? This is for both reg and enh, so if it's different for both of them, please let me know.

    Thanks for reading
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    I am not a defiler but have fought many on mini and champ and would say with the current state of balance and nerf to flies I would have zero issue with them used against me.
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    Having 1v1ed some defilers (on my mini), flies should be fine but without flies I have had over 10 minute bouts with defilers and we just gave up XD
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    Make sure you have blood of fire traited. I have killed burgs and champs just from the damage from this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwyxzl View Post
    Make sure you have blood of fire traited. I have killed burgs and champs just from the damage from this.
    Do the burgs and champs on your server refuse to self-heal in 1v1s?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HinderSpam View Post
    Do the burgs and champs on your server refuse to self-heal in 1v1s?
    Not sure what they are doing actually But I know that in most fights the reflect accounts for between 25% and 50% of my damage done. I take a debuffing, heal myself, let my dots and reflect kill them approach to most 1 v 1.

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    R9 Defiler here.
    My current build that i'm testing is:
    - Corruptions -> Crit Protection, Health 4 Power rank1, Health 4 Power rank2, 3x Critical rating boosts.

    I have found that with this build, i can maintain decent survivability, combined with proper heals. The thing of the future is, in my opinion, the Critical Rating Boost, which is extremely powerful and provides for regular, frequent crit HoTs and 10k+ crit heals from Fell Restoration.

    - Race Traits -> Front Line Fodder, Blood of Fire, Rage of Misbegotten, Warrior Against the Deep, and Dying Rage (I will switch this to Flayer of Flesh when i reach R10).
    - Class Traits -> Armour Boost, Enh Efl. (probably wiser to trait Enh:Curse of Sticky Feet, since range is useless in a 1v1, and -15% is not so relevant, considering a 30 sec CD), Heallth Boost, Fast Lob, Enh Slime, Enh Plague Gourd and Enh Fungal Spores.

    Quick Tips, since i'm in a hurry:
    - I still use flies, they are nerfed, but they still provide a useful distraction if the opponent decides to get rid of them - it gives you an opportunity to apply debuffs and to some HOTs. The role of Flies is psychological.
    - Interrupts: to avoid nasty interrupts on the skills that are critical to your survival, i would suggest a fake-induction - for example, if you wanna use Eflorescence, and you're afraid you'll get interrupted, use Blight instead. The induction will get interrupted, and in the next turn, you'll be able to apply the Hots you want.
    - Fears: Save the fears for critical moments - when you want to apply Hots, or use your big heal (FR). When you're not in imminent danger, naturally you'll use it to apply debuffs.
    - Stun: Use traited Plague Gourd which lowers target's Block/Parry/Evade for more effective use of Tenderize for a more potentially successful Daze of your opponent. A good stun in a critical time can be a life saver.
    - Blood Of Fire: do NOT forget to have this activated at all times. It's a huge chunk of your damage output.
    - Pots: This goes without saying, but before engaging, make sure you use fortifying pots - increased Armor Value, Resistance and Evade are extremely useful.

    Hope you found any information useful, Good luck!
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