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    Exclamation Lets just organize this a little,..

    Soo... This is a thread to start 'organizing the moors. Yes, might sound a little stupid but hey, what can go wrong than how the conditions it might have right now. If your not liking what I'm saying right now just get off :P And yes, I mean you, you know who I'm talking to.

    Anyways, I been seeing much Raids fighting it out sometimes and see this quite a few on other servers. Perhaps we can organize a certain place for people who are raiding to go somewhere to fight the other raid, such as we won't have a problem for people who want to solo instead. Plus this might work to get rid of some Raid-leechers (People who aren't in the raid but follow them around). It might also end some zerging of some raid just killing some random soloer which sucks. Anyways i hope you might take my consideration in this post

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    Organized fights are kinda worthless, simply because of the high significance that the landscape and terrain of a fight have in a raid v raid scenario. Open field heavily favors ranged classes, for instance, while a fight near plenty of places to use LOS would heavily favor burst dps melee classes like reavers. There's simply no way to make a fight perfectly balanced, so why try? Better to use strategy to help you win against more numbers rather than feeding each other in an organized fight.

    My two cents.
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    In defense of raid leeching

    I have to raid leech when the raid is too big, such as the 20-odd creeps last night fighting 25+ creeps, because my computer lags too much to make me useful in the raid. I don't think I'm the only person who has to do this either.

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