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Thread: Time to go.

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    Time to go.

    With the new update closing in, i have made a decision. It is time for me to retire pvp and the game in general, it is very apparent to me now more than ever,that things will not get better regarding the new loot system, raids and most importantly, the Ettenmoors, we all know when the pve runs out the vets go out there to challenge themselves in pvp. it is not the best pvp system we got of course, but it was fun while the people were there.

    Since this expansion launched more players than i have played with over the years have now long gone, feeling neglected by Turbine and i was sad to see them go as many were excellent players. a lot of the updates the past year or more even were a slap after slap after slap to the face of of both freeps and creeps, and to the long term players. Starting with pay to win skills, rank being nearly meaningless esp on creepside, and as to where rank 9 was respectable and took a little time to obtain, why, now its like r5 and takes no time at all. and lets not forget the new 100% vials.

    and now, the final goal, the final challenge, is being taken away from us long term players, our KB slayer deeds. why only a month or so ago i acquired warlord. and now guees what, after this update, EVERYONE can get warlord, EVERYONE can be a hero of the ettenmoors, this is like the biggest slap in the face of all. yes i know all you casuals want easy titles. or blah blah im a healer i get no kbs, well you are a healer what do you expect, its like Loremasters constantly asking to do aoe dps equivalent to yellow line champs, cool story bro,

    Also lets not forget our new beloved Player council, like the interpol, i call it the interlol. a handpicked staff of players who are casuals and who largely justify this change of Kb's and who dont know where the Shield of the dunedain on the their bar is. ( YES its a real skill, http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Shie..._D%C3%BAnedain your welcome please go get it.) or players who dont carry stun root pots, and a couple of them are even known rank farmers, im so glad to be in their capable hands.

    So after all i have said, and left even more unsaid, i have decided i will move on and lower the banner, most of my friends have moved on, most vets too, because whats there to play for? broken pve instances where golds drop t1, t1 raid loot same as t2c loot? cool story bro. bronificent. so yeah guys this is it, since i am a little drunk i wont be going without a roll call of all the players i can remember who i had a good time playing with in moors. its been years and i cant recount them all so if i miss you i am sorry,

    First here to my right hand man, Justify.
    then here is to : aurn, eloquently, jmez, spockphor, farlion, nilgrim, daymen, killianna, evilspinnre, barkle, fiveskinnre, chuha, dephailer, gothnon, thragguk, mihiraa, yelk, varron, ihatenamechanges/variation, skeriko, ushrak, nazvukat, hippityhop, piercer, sanmore, silaneth, somestupidname, bregnagra, dolchu, mrpewterschmidt, matadash, mudpizes, beatlejuice, leodush, shanehere, fallarden, anduhar, boosted aka hobo, suenami, lleo, soleus, arrikthegreat, nimfae, nexttarget, tarpelion, edelanor, ziras, buna, aggrorezzer, meregash, prancey, elweenn, snegluk, atienne, verlo, a couple of the chinese, firefusion, schizoninja, bunnygolas, bashakey, stylen, felasbane, flankrat, juiceyfruit, lugbur, ziras, brannir, windrial, halberdor, teenzyweenzy, itzbits, leardin, xconn, lexaburg, chinese commander, nuggsta, slyc, snoopey, arnomion, blackopal, lockjaws, boaris, sax,glamdrille. cheezypoofs. tarpelion. kunidana.

    and thats all that comes to mind sorry if i missed anyone lol. Peace.

    P.S Hey Blacktitan you can come out now.

    P.P.S come to think of it i am prob the last person to get legit warlord before mondays update. does that make me the last warlord? hm, Chily, The Last Warlord. sounds fancy,
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