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    Congrats %whateverthespecialnameisforra nk10% Zelburr on rank 10!!!

    ...that awkward moment when you realize you have no friends and have to post congrats posts for yourself.

    You're really a lot of fun to play with and you really deserved this rank. All the other stuff that people say in these posts too but times 100!
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    congratulations zelburr!!! I find you a joy to fight alongside in the moors, not only that I believe your attitude and how you compose yourself in ooc is highly commendable good luck with ranking your spidey and come back freepside on this new cappy of yours soon!!! =D

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    Nice, never knew you but hey, nice!

    Quote Originally Posted by lifebuilder View Post
    good luck with ranking your spidey
    Some1 should sig that^
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    hey zel gratz was great havin u freepside come back anytime look forward to seeing u creepside

    Don't Do Drugs..... ......Smoke The Herb

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    Grats man well done keep up the good work!
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    Congrats! And thanks for the heals. Always appreciated . On to r 11!!

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    Grats Zel!!!
    retired warden mouse clicker turtlemoss, countless storebought creeps

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    Man, I don't mean this as a troll but seriously, who are you? I can't say I've ever seen your or perhaps noticed you in the 'mmors and you're rank 10.

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    congrats zelburr. I don't usually put up posts but in this case I will. now start spitting some poison and throwing gourds.



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