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    Dec 2008

    High Warden Arathrir

    Grats man you got a tough build and from one cappy to another grats! Its fun to watch you climb the leaderboards, you're def committed man keep it up!
    Sicoreth -r12 cappy Scarbarothe suicidal r8 ba
    The Fallen/Bad Kids

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    Aug 2011
    Grats Arathrir, thanks for all the buffs and heals too
    retired warden mouse clicker turtlemoss, countless storebought creeps

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    Nov 2010
    Castle Wars
    The moors is definitely funner when your out, gratz!
    Mirkwoodian - Savior of the Ettenmoors

    Squishy sacrificial tank 2012ish

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    Congratulations (or should I say slainte?) Always a pleasure to have you out in the Moors.
    You do realize that the High Warden title is provisional, right? You have earned it, but after conferring with Turtlemoss and the other PvP wardens, we have decided that you must rank up as quickly as possible. While we are comfortable with you having the title for a short period, it cannot be permanent.

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    thank you sicoreth! :)

    hey sico just wanted to reply to this thread to say i greatly appreciate the support man! its an honour to have a captain such as yourself aknowledge me! its awesome! i look forward to fighting alongside you up in the moors, your a credit to the free peoples and a credit to your kin! good luck with hitting rank 11 as i know your close! take care my friend

    i would also like to say thanks to the rest of you who have replied to this post! cunaith you are just one hell of a tough warden, a pleasure to fight alongside, you cause all kinds of problems for the creeps haha so lets keep it that way!

    turtlemoss, mirkwoodian thank you also for the post i enjoy fighting alongside you guys its fun as hell hehe, i hope to see you all up in the moors having fun! take care all thanks to all who have posted!
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