Greetings to ya all!

Just a quick note to let ya know that the kinship 'Order of the Divine Brew' is recruiting again.

We are a lvl 10 kinship, based in Bree (and Bree Homelands) and we are what ya might call a light-rp kinship or a social kin, if ya prefer that term. We are also what ya might call an 'Oldie' kinship where the average age of our members are 30+yo, and we got a lower age limit of 25yo. All we require from you are 'social antennas', that you add to the friendly atmosphere in the kinship and that you give a helping hand if needed.
We dont require you to be online at certain times/dates, and the lvl of RP is entirely up to you. We got members that are die hard Rp'ers and people that does not know the meaning of the word :-)

We got a kinsite at (dont join if ya are not on the kinlist ingame) and if ya would like to know more, get a hold of me ingame, or Merlas, Athearil, Tiryth, Rimlins or any other person with our kinship tag.

Best regards
Grymrock Grey
- Recruitment officer
Order of the Divine Brew.