The Twilight Avengers are an active community of adult players who primarily enjoy playing and raiding together as a team. We value members who are fun to be with; what we look for is a combination of skill and personality. You can be the worst player in the world, but if it's fun romping with you in dungeons, we won't really care. Likewise, we have insane amounts of fun with very talented and driven players who may be quiet and withdrawn. For us, running instances to get our members gear is not a chore, it's a fun and necessary part of building a team and getting to know you.

- We enjoy playing with and equipping our members together to build teamwork.
- We do not cheat, use exploits, or do anything considered questionable.
- We enjoy solving raids on our own pace (as working adults with families) and do not use spoilers or guides.
- You don't have to be an amazing player to raid with us, just a fun person who is willing to learn.
- We are stable and well-organized. We have been playing LOTRO together since 2008.
- We use TeamSpeak3 exclusively to communicate and organize.
- We are typically active at 7:00pm PST through midnight PST.
- Our raids are M/W/F from 7:30pm-9:30pm PST; all guild events are optional.
- We are a level 10 kinship with a house and 3 vaults.

If you are interested, contact Sirran, Ligerzxr, or Tocanis/Memnas via in-game mail, or PM to this post. You are welcome to run an instance or join a raid with us to get to know the members. If you are already confident you would like to join the guild, simply fill out an application on our guild site at and we will contact you as soon as possible.