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    Twilight Avengers - A late-night/pacific raiding kinship

    The Twilight Avengers are an active community of adult players who primarily enjoy playing and raiding together as a team. We value members who are fun to be with; what we look for is a combination of skill and personality. You can be the worst player in the world, but if it's fun romping with you in dungeons, we won't really care. Likewise, we have insane amounts of fun with very talented and driven players who may be quiet and withdrawn. For us, running instances to get our members gear is not a chore, it's a fun and necessary part of building a team and getting to know you.

    - We enjoy playing with and equipping our members together to build teamwork.
    - We do not cheat, use exploits, or do anything considered questionable.
    - We enjoy solving raids on our own pace (as working adults with families) and do not use spoilers or guides.
    - You don't have to be an amazing player to raid with us, just a fun person who is willing to learn.
    - We are stable and well-organized. We have been playing LOTRO together since 2008.
    - We use TeamSpeak3 exclusively to communicate and organize.
    - We are typically active at 7:00pm PST through midnight PST.
    - Our raids are M/W/F from 7:30pm-9:30pm PST; all guild events are optional.
    - We are a level 10 kinship with a house and 3 vaults.

    If you are interested, contact Sirran, Ligerzxr, or Tocanis/Memnas via in-game mail, or PM to this post. You are welcome to run an instance or join a raid with us to get to know the members. If you are already confident you would like to join the guild, simply fill out an application on our guild site at http://twilightavengers.guildlaunch.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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    Thoughts by a member...

    I just wanted to touch on a few a few areas about TA that I have personally experienced and what makes them so great to me, this particular chapter. I Joined TA back in September of 2011, while I was playing RIFT, alone after leaving WoW because of being sick of it, and its community, I needed a fresh start. A friend from TOG happened to be playing RIFT as well, got me to swap servers and referred me to TA because knowing the person I am, he believed I would fit well. He was right. This is relevant because a portion of TA split off to play RIFT from LOTRO to try something new/take a breather, and of course returned. I found they were much like me, self sacrificing, and feeling the need to earn their keep, while finding it hard to accept charity, as the philosophy is, what makes one member stronger, benefits the entire guild. I even found that we frequently had reverse drama over loot, trying to figure out who to give it to because everyone would pass to each other of whom could use the item, and what not, what a refreshing experience.

    After about a Year or more into RIFT, the majority of our RIFT chapter moved to GW2, I was on financial hardships at the time, and was going to be unable to join them for a time, however several members wanted to pitch in and purchase the game for me, knowing the members whom put it together I just graciously accepted, none whom wanted repayment, nor expected it. I do feel indebted to them for this. Sadly GW2 did not last long, The consensus was it lacked depth, and LOTRO looked ever more tantalizing with the release of Rohan, I was able to afford the expansions myself this time due to a Steam sale, so I jumped head long in when they decided to move, never playing LOTRO before, without knowing if I'd like it or not, (I did make an account once to try it but never actually downloaded to play) just to stay with the group of people I had met.

    While I am not a big fan of LOTRO, and despise deeds/virtue grinding, as they do not allow for quick alt making (Altoholic) I would follow this group to any game, they have simply set my standards too high being with them to fathom gaming along side any others.

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    Greetings all!

    For anyone looking for a kin home on the Brandywine server I'd like to invite you to check out Twilight Avengers. We are accepting any new members without restrictions on level/race/class/playstyle. You can run with us as much or as little as you like, we have no raid attendance policies and enjoy running all levels of content in the game, not just the current max level stuff. Please send a message to Svensson, Ligerzxr, or Tocanis/Memnas if you'd like to check out our guild!


    Memnas - 85 Waden, Tocanis - 85 Minstrel

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    Super Cool!

    I thought this would be a great thing to share with the community, especially those looking to join TA! On our last(?) venture into Driagoch's Lair to finish up cloaks for those whom wanted them, we got the BIG ONE!

    Take note of the tiny in comparison, Grimreaver statue to the bottom right.

    Forgot to mention you can see it for yourself at: 8 Longstreet, Tammere, Bree-Land Homesteads

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    Nov 2010

    I would love to join! :d

    i have already spoken to sumone in the kin (cant remember his name) but i was told to go to the kins website and apply which i have

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    Twilight Avengers is still looking for more awesome people to join us! We're gearing up and getting ready for Helm's Deep in the near future so we can be ready when the expansion hits. Anyone that would like to check us out and see if we're a fit for one another, please send a message in-game to Memnas, Tocanis, or Svensson and we'll get you started on the process.


    Memnas - 85 Waden, Tocanis - 85 Minstrel



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