Lets try to strike a balance. And go back to our gear compedium.


-Elf-forged Golden Pendant +150 Might +768 Physical Mastery Rating +970 Critical Defence
Drops on: School of Tham Mirdain
-Chain of Lost Moments+150 Might, +768 Physical Mastery Rating, +778 Tactical Mitigation
Drops from Halls of Night
-Pitted Steel Chain +113 Might, +113 Vitality, +778 Tactical Mitigation
Drops from Thadur (Great Barrow Water wing)
-Norcrofts Iron Necklace +66 Vitality +179 Maximum Morale +705 Physical Mitigation +1567 Tactical Mitigation
Available from Rohan Barterers.

I listed only items quick and easy to farm/barter. There is an easy balance to strike between Might and critical defense or tact mit in the necklace slot.

-Confiscated Journal +113 Might +421 Maximum Morale +768 Critical Rating
Drops in Dungeons of Dol Guldur.
-Metal Plaque +75 might +75 Vitality + 752 Critical Rating
Drops from regular mobs?
-Illuminated Great River Book of Defence +95 Vitality +672 Critical Rating +681 Physical Mitigation+681 Tactical Mitigation
-Norcrofts Silver Bauble ( not on wiki) 66Will 696Critical rating 1567 Tactical Mitigation.

Again there are plenty of options to balance critical and Might with Mitigations/Morale on the pocket slot.

Sarchol 477 Armour +337 Maximum Morale +1020 Finesse Rating +1513 Physical Mitigation +1513 Tactical Mitigation
Drops from: Pits of Isengard T2 Challenge chest
Wrap of Endless Bones 581 Armour +38 Might +113 Vitality +1164 Finesse Rating +384 Block Rating +384 Parry Rating
Drops in Sammath Gûl.
Sereggol 581 Armour +75 Might +113 Vitality +184 Maximum Power +384 Parry Rating
Drops from Dúrchest in Barad Guldur.
Heavy Sutcrofts Cloak 527 Armour +107 Might +71 Vitality +368 Critical Rating
Protective Cloak of Éomer 581 Armour +75 Vitality +421 Maximum Morale +1164 Finesse Rating +384 Critical Rating +778 Tactical Mitigation

Some cloaks are harder to come by, but there are easier options that keep a good balance between Might/critical and Vitality/mitigations.