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    Just a Few Questions

    Thanks for any help I get here.

    Been gone for a while and with the new expansion coming thought I'd return and I thought I'd give a Hunter a chance but had a few worries before I roll one.

    1. When you solo do you need to Kite at the higher lvls?

    2. When a mob does close to Melee Range what is better to use, your Melee Skills or Range?

    3. I was thinking of either Hunter or Lore Master. I know the LM Has slow DPS and takes time to lvl up, how do they Stack up to each other?

    Once again ty for the input!

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    I, Too, am a returning Hunter. I started up again a month ago to level a couple of my toons.
    Hunter melee skills have always been weak. We are ranged, so use ranged. That has not changed. Use your traps to snare a mob, and Bard's arrow, as well. We do have some crowd control options..
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    The best thing to do is DPS as much as you can to avoid having the mobs get in close. If they do, their health isn't all that great and using your melee skills, combined with DPS with kill the mobs fairly quickly. This is something I have always done with my hunter and usually have a very high success rate. Dropping traps would help, but with the expansion and new trait tree system, you would have to trait yellow to drop traps.

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    My main is a hunter, Level 73. I'm a very casual player, almost totally solo. I've found that, although at lower levels my melee skills were pitiful, they got better at higher levels. I still try to get in as much dps at range as I can, but if the mobs get close my legendary axe does almost as much dps as my crossbow. So in melee range I use both the axe and the non-induction bow skills.
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    soloing at higher levels is easier because of the high damage. Almost no need to kite most things. With Helms Deep coming out soon, you can go blueline and just do inductions while moving. Helps alot, specially the new quickshot heals.

    When mobs got close, use ranged skills for damage but make good use of your melee as well( Dazing blow,lowcut,blindside,scourge, ss/agile- but those will be gone soon).

    as for Hunter vs. LM, its preference really as they fill much different roles. Try both classes and see which one you like best.
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    Thx alot for the Response, this helps alot.



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