Elstanwulf my Man (Rohan) Hunter (current level 35/36) is currently looking for a nice friendly casual kin to join. Play time is in the GMT -7 or Mountain Timezone so a kin with Pacific/Mountain Timezone would be preferred.

Teamspeak - yes
RP - Optional to light
Timezone - Pacific/Mountain (Central/Eastern optional) Note: Would not mind joining a UK kin, though keep in mind that my timezone is Mountain or GMT -7.
Raiding- Maybe depending on if have enough time to do so, same thing applies to dungeons.
Skirmish - Maybe
Pvp - No
PVE - Yes
Type: Casual
Crafting - Explorer

Elstandwulf can be contacted in game via ingame mail. Plz include kin website information if you have one. or send me a pm to me here on the forums, though I do check ingame mail more then I use the forums.