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    Steed of Dagorlad

    Very upset that The Steed of Dagorlad was not available to purchase on 4/30/13. It was listed to be available through April 30th. I had to get some more TP to purchase the steed, so I had gotten card after work and came home to buy. To my surprise the steed was no longer listed. I live 30 min away from Turbine so I KNOW we are not on different time zones. As a faithful player/fan I was greatly upset. so in future don't advertize something your not going to do.
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    Just a thought, but did you try searching on the name, i.e. "Dagorlad"? I know when I bought it it did not show up under the drop-down type menus in store exclusive steeds, I had to actually search on the steed name. I bought it earlier in the month though, so I don't actually know if it was still there on the 30th. I'm sorry you missed it. And I wish they would fix it so you don't have to search on the #$(%*& names of the horses and just put there where they're supposed to be on the drop-down menu (this month's steed, fugly as it is, is not on the drop-down menu either).
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    We're sorry that you missed the Steed of the Dagorlad. It was unpublished at 10am (EST) on 5/1/13 to make way for the new Obsidian Steed.

    As Rainith pointed out, the Obsidian Steed is not in the steeds "normal categories". (We've updated the Obsidian Steed to other areas of the store, so searching for it should be less of an issue). Having taking a catalog update that Monday, previously fixed category locations for Steed of the Dagorlad could have been reverted; making it hard to find just by using store navigation. We'll look into it to avoid it happening in the future.



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