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    Passage of Nature

    While using the skill Passage of Nature a red dot is shown in the minimap and if the target is outside the map there used to be an arrow pointing in the right direction, but not so any more.

    Is there a bug? Has any one else this problem? Is there some kind of setting I've wrong?

    Please help, it used to be such a useful skill but now it is nearly worthless.

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    Apr 2012
    Same for me. I just assumed it changed as part of the update but it is a drag when you see the name of the hunted to select but then location indicator doesn't show up on the mini map.

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    Pretty sure it is a bug introduced with the nefarious red dots for everyone. I bugged it because it no longer really makes any sense. After all, if you have to circle around in order to find your prey, it kinda eliminates the point of the skill in the first place. I bugged it a while ago and am hoping for a fix in U11. I would /bug it if I were you so that if it isn't on the current list of fixes, if enough people complain it might be on the next round.

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    Here is what I noticed on my hunter yesterday. Do a "Passage of X" and it works. Go to tracked mob and kill it. Do another "Passage of X" no dot or arrow show up. Run around searching for a bit, do "Passage of X" again and voila, dot shows up.

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    I was wondering the same thing, isn't as useful as it once was now everything fairly close shows up on the map by default.



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