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    Evernight Think Tank

    Hi guys.

    A comment on globallff about how Evernight's population is dying sparked an interesting discussion on how to revive it. We spoke for over an hour about different strategies, and here are some that seemed popular:

    -Use the forums more, and use them to promote the server to new players
    -Host a unique event, something like Weatherstock on Landroval
    -Spend time between raids in Bree, meeting, greeting and helping newbies
    -Form grinding groups to make deeding more interesting for F2P players
    -Create "Aid Packages" for new players
    -Try to get Evernight marked as the recommended server for a month or two

    Obviously not all are viable and it would take a lot of work, but I am confident that we can reserect this great server.

    Another idea I thought of was to try to get as many people onto globallff as possible. Many players choosing a server use the size of that room to judge server population.

    Please feel free to post feedback and ideas in this forum. I might create a chat room exclusively for this sort of thing, depending on the reaction

    Forth Everknights, let us take back what is rightfully ours!
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