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    Crafting for reputation?

    Hey all,

    being an Armourer, I'd like to know if any reputation factions have use of my skills? I know Metalsmith has Council of the North items, Tailor has the North Downs rep items and then the Eglain have the repeatable quests for both. Does anyone know of any other factions offering the same sort of quests as the Eglain?

    Reason I ask is because I spent my Scholar mats on pots well into Supreme Master, only to realize that I had blown all my mats and was now forced to farm scholar nodes for the Eglain rep and possibly even other factions. Would hate having to wander the world looking for ore veins because I blew my mats on useless pieces.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated


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    There aren't any others that I'm aware of. The Eglain have a crafting quest for every craft, but I don't think there are any other factions like them.

    Just fyi, another way to gain rep with the Eglain is to do the repeatable GA instances (and, when you do them, don't forget the bonus objectives). GA arboretum (a 3-man) is the easiest IMO - it's not too hard on-level with an appropriate group, and it's easy to solo when you're higher level.

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    Every producing craft has a reputation faction it can boost at tier 4 & 5, and the Eglain can be boosted by all at tier 3.

    Let's see:
    Cook: Mathom Society
    Woodworker: Men of Bree
    Tailor: Rangers of Esteldín
    Scholar: Elves of Rivendell
    Jeweller: Thorin's Hall
    Metalsmith: Council of the North
    Weaponsmith: Wardens of Annúminas

    At tier 5 (Master) there is also a couple of materials that are only used for these reputation-related recepies.
    Cook: Blackberry Honey
    Woodworker: Black Ash Heartwood
    Tailor: Spider Silk
    Scholar: Torn Scholar's Journal*
    Jeweller: Moonstone
    Metal-/Weaponsmith: Ancient Nickel Ore

    *Scholar gets a bit muddied, as the Torn Scholar's Journal is used for rep-gated potion recepies as well, they kind of seem to be a precursor to the Guild recepies...



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