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    Tailor made Hunter Armor

    With the Hybold Armor out and the higher agility stat. Is it worth making the level 85 Tailor medium armor for myself or just get the Hybold Armor? Which is better do you think? I don't raid so that type of armor is out for me.
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    I went ahead and made a few pieces of the 85 Guilded armour for my Hunter as she was rebuilding Hytbold to get that armour, because I could, and had extra tarnished crests, but it isn't necessary.
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    Hytbold armour is raid armor. It is much better than crafted armor. The set bonus' make it a lot better. That said, crafted armor will be more than good enough if you aren't raiding. It would probably even be alright for t1 raids. I would say craft some if you aren't close to unlocking Hytbold armor. Get Hytbold if/when you are able to.
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    Personally, I like to have a balanced character. Well, as balanced as possible, so I went with the crafted level 85 armor. Yes, the Hybold armor has crazy-high agility, but I'd take a hit in vitality. As it is, I took a hit in fate with the crafted level 85 armor, and it dropped to 400. I don't raid or group, so I'm happy with the level 85 crafted armor. Right now, my agility nearing 2,000, and my vitality is nearing 1,250. Physical mastery is approaching 25,000, and physical mitigation is over 10,000, all of which is good enough for me as a solo player. So, I think it boils down to play style.

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    The level 80 crafted is good enough to last you till you can get a set of Hytbold armour and as a bonus doing that saves crests, which you will need for crafted jewellery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwuryn View Post
    Right now, my agility nearing 2,000, and my vitality is nearing 1,250.
    I don't understand why you'd need near that amount of vitality if all you do is solo.
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    If all you do is PvE, I think you should get the armour pieces, jewelry and gear that give you the best Crit Rating you can get, no matter if they belong to a set or not.

    Hunter is a DPS class, so just make it even better at it.

    My Morale is down to 5k and so far in PvE I haven't had the need to bring it up. Not even for raiding. The best armour set for Crit Rating this days is the Greater Erebor, if I'm not mistaken.

    If you plan on going to the 'Moors and PvPing, get the 'Moors armor and throw in some Vit jewelry. You should be fine.



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