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    Quote Originally Posted by Feraxks View Post
    The rest of your post is fine and makes valid points, but this ^^^ I have to call BS on simply because with virtually no details yet released for HD, how can anyone say they know it doesn't offer them anything they want?

    That would be like saying I'm not going to purchase a 2020 Ford Explorer because I KNOW it won't have any features I want. How could I possibly know that?
    If the complainers leave, there will be few people left that like challenging content. Therefore, no need to create more challenging content and more people will leave because you're left with only dailies.

    Many will not buy Helms Deep based on their belief that it holds nothing for them. It may not be fact or a known entity, but it's a feeling based on past performance and current trend. Many who do not buy might come and look to see if anything good was offered, but unlike in the past will not pre-purchase or spend actual cash to do so. Many of us who have bought on multiple accounts for many expansions are too discouraged to pre-purchase. Our trust has been lost and we are now in a wait and see mode.

    You have to understand too - feelings aren't necessarily right or wrong, they are merely feelings. But those feelings weigh on our actions. We feel slighted and misled, therefore we will proceed with caution if at all.

    Another key factor - Helms Deep is pretty set on what they're going to offer, and the next expansion is most likely theoretically shaped to a great degree as well. We could run 20 group instances and raid after raid and it won't make a dent for at least a year or two in production, even if Turbine chose to change direction. By then you won't have the player base left to run what comes out.
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