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Which is not this game. Like Milt said, sit in a raid and start farming rank without any skill, Kb titles will soon be nothing, i should insert something about balance but everyone knows about that. Its a fight zone without trophies, and the thrill of victory doesnt come too often because of number/balance issues
Just to clarify, I didn't mean to single out Volo, I merely wanted to respond to him since he started the thread. My overall point is exactly what I said: it's all relative. I would classify very few people on this server as "pure". I see easymode just about everywhere and there is no doubt people see easymode in me. The point is, the deeds and titles are already trashed and meaningless. I watched a burg on this server sit in the middle of a freep zerg during the CJ stun period and get 90% of his rank stunning hapless reavers in charge. A well known BA that has come back recently still plays exactly how he did the day he started and the way he always has: from the very back until everything is "all clear to zerg". Just examples that occur to me now. Then there's the farming, the cheating, the flipping, etc., etc. None of this has anything to do with Turbine BTW, it's just what it's always been: the players control the game.

Seriously, do any of you people really care about deeds/rank/titles anymore? Play for fun or whatever primal reason you play but give it a rest on the "accomplishment" and "skill" stuff. It's worthless, no one cares and in a few years, no one will even remember (not even you).