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I came to terms a long time ago that rank is meaningless, rating is meaningless, and now Slayer Deeds will be meaningless. While all of that is pretty lame, it is nothing new. People who still PvP these days in this game (5-6 year vets), including me, do it because they still have some kind of fun in the moors. If this goes live it will really blow, but it will take something pretty damn drastic to make most people stop PvP in general. Honestly, if you still just play only for infamy/renown and the rewards it gets you there is no point. The legitimacy of those went out the window years ago. Really, are you impressed when you see a rank 13? 14? Hell even a 15? Play because you still enjoy it, or else why bother.
I completely agree. Got nothing more to say bout that. Im still gonna go out to the moors after this.