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    Quote Originally Posted by bastiat1 View Post
    We'll find out soon enough how important they are to the community. I know many that have had enough. Retirements pending.
    I suggest you to take a look at monster play topics complaining about the KB deed changes that the vast majority of PvP'res dont want, and you'll find what kind of importance they have for players that aren't casuals or RP'ers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorwyn99 View Post
    I don't expect everyone to get the same rewards, i expect everyone to reach the same power level, no matter the playstyle.

    And it seems alot of raiders have a problem with that idea, if you look at the discussions that erupted after the First agers were put on the skirmish camp, or that the normal Erebor armour does not have better stats (or not better enough starts in the case of the t2 set) than the hytbold one.
    The hytbold and ererbor sets would have had to be available at the same time for it to make sense but that's a different story.

    That there should be great content for all playstyles i can fully agree with though.
    If you do hytbold, you get hytbold armour, if you do erebor, you get erebor armour.

    It's simple as that, I'm not expecting to get hytbold when I do erebor, why should you? If you want to get epic loot, do epic things, beat a challenging dragon, don't do a daily quest. If you want craft your items, craft your items, don't expect the challenging dragon to craft it for you. If you want PvP gear, do PvP, don't craft it.

    If turbine decides to implement the best rewards for killing an orc be it, but don't make the rewards the same for killing a dragon.

    Some of us may have a problem with that idea of pseudo-communism you're asking for, but some of you may have a serious problem of equality. Killing a dragon =/= killing an orc. Crafting =/= killing another player.

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    the more play styles a game entices and keeps the better for the game's overall health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inglaran View Post
    If you do hytbold, you get hytbold armour, if you do erebor, you get erebor armour.
    And thats the main point in a eventually new strategy from Turbine not to implement any Conntent with a challenge. You can discuss the need of playstyles, but does that mean that the game does not need any good Endgame Content, where you
    can use your gear you farm beform? Why you should grind all the gold jewellery, weapons and improve your character getting
    some armor from hytbold, erebor or whatever - if there is really no content to use it? To throw it away never used when the
    next the level raise comes? I think Turbine is missing here some important part of the game. To solo upcoming levels to 95 you will not need any legendary items, so where i should use them elsewise?

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    To succeed in the market a game needs to stand out in at least 2 of the following requistes:

    1. Good raiding system, challenging and well made raids which only let few skilled players to succeed in. Using weekly locks and shared loot.

    2. A fantastic lore atmosphere, a game which leads you into your character, being able to do your role play, same feelings like reading a good book.

    3. A perfectly balanced PVP, ranked systems of 3vs3, 5vs5, 6vs6, etc. Massive pvp maps are an option but they are not that good for a trully ranked system.

    LOTRO, in my opinion, lost his Point 1, it never had Point 3 and still can survive cause his Point 2. But Everyone noticed a massive decrease of the population of their servers, that's like a milling stione rolling down a hill, it's really hard to stop it once it starts rolling.

    What I want to say is that all communities are equal important in the games, because all of them feed back.

    LOTRO needs to reclaim fast one of the other Points to maintain the game up till the end.
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    We are Pata Negra, we never forgive, we never forget, we never regret.

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    Why I believe "raiders" are important to this game

    I believe that raiders are important to the game. I believe they are more important to the game then role players f.e. (please notice i that i used "i believe" not "i know"). I consider myself a raider if u didn't get that from the last sentence (typical attitude of a "me, me, me raider")
    Raiders want new content about a month after the "old" one is released, roleplayers want nothing but the content that's been out for a few years and that people use "proper" names and not something "pewpewking". Who is easier to cater to?
    Raiders buy stat tomes, legendary slots, tomes of defense and all other kinds of stuff from the Store, roleplayers *usually* don't buy anything from the store (this is a generalization i know, but "i believe" that is so from the evidence i gathered in the past few months when i tried every play style that lotro had to offer just so i can say i tried it - i consider myself a raider and a pvmper primarily). I gave those two as examples as they seemed as the most opposite sides i could find in this game group wise.

    Raiders know their class, they know how to get the most out of it and some of them are not afraid to hold that over your head. Without raiders and their efforts most of the raids would not be doable because most of the "casuals" do not want to spend a few hours a night, few nights a week in a same raid and get little to no progress done (not talking about faceroll t1 erebor shame of a raid cluster). Raiders are willing to do that AND are willing to share their success with other parts of the community. Some do it to brag, some do it for the accomplishment, some do it because its challenging, some do it to help others after (guides, strategies ...) and some do it just for the sake of doing it. They get the rarest and best of stuff (at least they did before this joke of a loot system we have now) and are willing to sell/trade/give said items to people that do not have the time/skill/whatever to do those raids. If they leave they will be missed, BUT the game will not crumble because they will leave. Casuals will just continue doing their "job" and next update/expansion will be made easier because people will not have FA symbols (that raiders get from T2 and T2C not from farming T1 that was a "bug") or devs will give them FA symbols for doing something Hytbold-like. If there is no hard core raiders there is no need for hard core gear and items. There is a video on the forum of a guy killing signature mobs with lore master with only using auto attack and no heals. I think that is they path that Turbine has chosen... easy solo content that u can literally go afk while doing with an occasional group so they can justify giving you a FA symbol or golden gear (if it doesn't drop from a landscape mob that you killed solo with auto attack while grabbing a bear from the fridge).

    All raiders are not the same! Same as, all not Europeans are not the same, or all white people are not the same.

    There will be rude ones, there will be friendly and helpful ones, there will be ones in between. People have real lives, real problems and they come to the game so they can get away from everything "real" and become a hero in a fantasy world. You need to understand that people on a bad day will not be friendly and helpful in a raid if u miss a pot that stuns the whole raid in the fifth phase of Saruman fight or when half a raid gets stunned in a catapult in BfE T2C at 5% trolls morale and you wipe after 3 hrs of trying.

    I know i said you can not generalize about raiders and i did the same with roleplayers but i was trying to prove a points about raiders and what they wanted and needed compared to another group in the game (effort from devs vs requirements from the player base). I believe all roleyplayers are not the same because they are all different people in RL but as a group compared to raiders as group they all go in the same basket

    Raiders are important to the game but not so important that we are needed in this game. As of late we are tolerated and devs threw us a bone with this raid cluster just to see if we will be happy and play with it. Evidence shows that we are not happy and we require a lot more then this mess they served us. Some will leave, some will stay and adopt a different play style but whatever happens this game will not end because a handful of raiders leave (i thought it will in the past but this game has a lore that no other game has ... Turbine found this out and will get the most money they can for the least amount of effort they can - best example - is that Dale or Bree in Bells of Dale... recycled content ftw).


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