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    The Battle League - Offical Annoucement Thread

    spar for tokens that can be exchanged for exceptional rewards like [Tarnished symbol of the Elder King], [Tarnished Symbol of Celebrimbor], [Tarnished Crest of Rohan] as well as Erebor Gems and much much more!

    I would like to officially announce the formation of the Elendmir Battle League!

    OFFICIAL CHAT CHANNEL: type /joinchannel BL

    Q: what is the battle league?
    A: The Battle League is an organization hosting sparring championships for special rewards that gives end-game players and rising heroes a chance to win exclusive rewards.

    Q: how do the championships work?
    A: players will be summoned to the Battle League facilities and organized to spar other selected other players in a bracket system.

    players who win an official fight will receive 1 specially marked bronze sword hilt. Those who win the championship will receive 1 specially marked bronze blade. These can be bartered with the Battle Leauge for special items.

    Q: what are the rewards?
    A: along with the ones listed above, Riddlemark scrolls of Empowerment, Delving, Relic Removal Scrolls, and possibly fused relics.

    Q: Is there any entry cost?
    A: Yes, it is 5g per championship. The rewards are very expensive, and if you win you will have saved a huge amount of time and money!

    Q: what are the barter exchange rates?
    A: it has yet to be set for each. testing is underway as to how the championships will be arranged. we are debating if the championships should be held between players of the same class or mixed (due to certain imbalances in the sparring ability of certain classes). feedback would be welcome. Hilts will be rewarded for each fight won and blades will be rewarded to the victor of the championship. these will be exchanged for the rewards.

    Q: how often will championships take place?
    A: they will be held on a to-be-determined basis (either daily or weekly). other events may eventually be added like a war-steed race over challenging (but not impossible ) terrain.

    Q: when can we expect the first event?
    A: the battle league is currently setting up the necessary logistics (which will take some time) but you can expect a trial event either this or next weekend.

    Official Battle league events will be announced by myself. any other events under the battle league name are not official.

    feedback is welcome. official rules will be posted closer to the first event. start practicing your sparring because great rewards await! the more players attend, the more fights you can win and the more you can earn, so spread the word!
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    I wish we could do this on silverlode:P

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    AKA the 'Tools Wins Free Gear' event

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCoolGuy23 View Post
    AKA the 'Tools Wins Free Gear' event
    be more specific.

    if you mean: tools as in gear swapping, we're considering (strongly) making that against the rules.



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