Just about to hit 65, and just a few questions;

1). Dunland==> Great River ===> Rohan? Is that the typical progression now assuming no skirmishes, no instances, and no picking blueberries with Henry Fonda?

2). If I understand correctly, the level of quests in Enedwaith was dropped approx. 5 levels, but the next volume of the epic is still 65-70, and occurs exclusively there, with Dunland's part of the epic starting at 70? If so, how utterly pedantic is that??

3). This is the big one. As far as class traits, I'm doing 5 lead the charge/2 hands of healing. I'm pretty set on Strength from Within and Now for Wrath, but I have no firm decision on the red traits...they all seem teriffic. At this point I'd like to ask the community which of the 5 will 1). be best for kill speed, which is just plain ridiculous as it is, and 2). make the most sense for solo leveling from 65-85. I realize a lot of you have already started to type "it depends on whether you're using archer/herald or standard", and honestly I don't really have a preference, because I don't see a DPS increase with one of the other. The utility the herald offers is nice to be sure (off-tanking mostly), but I often find myself getting tired of how utterly stupid the AI is, and use a standard instead (the same is true with heralds as well). It might be easier to ask which of the lead the charge traits are LEAST necessary to maintain nearly-tolerable leveling speed. I kinda cast Blade of Elendil a lot, so I've currently got Adherent of Elendil traited. I untraited Captain's Valour to do so. I haven't even earned Precise Ally yet, so I have never really seen an archer/herald at maximum potential. What are you guys' thoughts?

Please don't misunderstand me; I'm not all about getting to 85 as quickly as possible. But I AM all for getting to 85 before the next freaking expansion. And I do get a little tired of spending 45 seconds defeating a signature mob sometimes. I'll never understand why it's accepted how poor captain DPS is prior to level cap (and if it sucks at end-game, maybe you shouldn't tell me that, eh? :P).