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Thread: Char updates?

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    Char updates?

    Turbine hasnt updated the char info in a while, notice that when signing up for lotto this morning my 85 RK is still listed as 64. They have any plans on fixing this soon?

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    Jun 2011
    That's odd, because an LM I'm leveling went from 75 to 76 one evening (UK time) a few days ago and the following day was listed as level 76 because she's in the list of previously winning toons.

    So some characters at least are getting updated pretty frequently.

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    See I dont understand that. The toon in my sig has gold gear and full hytbold already and is my first 85. Yet even in the lotro sig It shows as 64.

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    It depends on which server you're from. A few of the servers have broken leaderboards/sigs at the moment. Us (Dwarrowdelf) along with Brandywine, Estel, Gwhaihir, Landroval, Laurelin, and Withywindle I believe also have broken leader-boards/sigs right now. It happens every once and a while and it lasts for a few weeks (don't know the cause of it). It will probably be back to normal within the next week or so.
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