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    85 Guard looking for Kin (EU timezones)

    Hey all,

    I am currently looking for a nice kin (preferably an EU based kin) to call home. I am looking for a kin that can offer me social fun as well as gameplay fun. I want to tank things and am willing to learn. Midweeks I sadly do not have that much time and can only play after 6 p.m. till about 7-8 p.m. (GMT+1) but I do have a bigger time range during weekend, but then mostly earlier (noon till 6 p.m.). Real life goes before the game for me so a hardcore raid guild is nothing for me, because real life can mess game plans up . I do not mind to pug things, so a social kin will suit me best (with quite some capped players to do instances etc. with).

    Hope to get some reactions

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    Hello Marisilla,

    Given what you're talking about it sounds like my kinship, Hunters of Moonshadow, might be a good fit for you. As you asked we have a fairly large number of level capped players, most of which are quite experienced with all the raids and instances currently for the end game. There's usually ten to sixteen on a night depending on the night, but usually always enough for at least a six man run. We also hold a weekly Dance Night in Bree and have parties from time to time at our kin house. Feel free to contact me in game with any questions as I'm always quite happy to answer them. Thank you for your time.

    Calillas Moonshadow

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    Hi Marisilla,

    You should check out An Unexpected Kinship, we are a well-established (rank 10) and fun kin with a healthy and mixed player base (variety of levels, casual and raiding players, international members). We have just opened recruiting again and are looking for new friends. See http://unexpectedkin.guildlaunch.com/ for more info and feel free to message me in game.



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    Hello fellow Guardian

    You may wish to give us, Watchers of Elendil, a try as well:

    Our player base is also internationally spread. Like you I can quasi-regularly play only on Sundays, from mid-day to late night (European time).

    Landroval: Kibilturg (Watchers of Elendil); Taurunion, Erohtar (Taters and Traders)
    Crickhollow: Kibilturg (Tarciryan Knights), Zigilturg (Forever Notorious), Birnavor (The Northern Kingdom), Nuncle (Casual Wanderers)

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    Check out the Darkwood Marauders
    Darkwood Marauders of Imladris

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    Greetings. Reading your post, I think you may find The Northern Kingdom would be an excellent fit for you. We are an all around kind of kinship. We do role playing, raiding, skirming, social gatherings and plenty of other things.

    General information- We are a rank 10 (max rank) kinship. We are a large division established in LotRO for a gaming community called The Galactic Empire. We accept anyone of any class, race and level. All members (kinsmen, officers, leader(s), etc.) are all treated equally within the guild, and any issues or arguements are often dealt with accordingly. We will not make any final, perminent decisions (such as banning) until we have gathered both sides of story, although temporary actions may be carried out to prevent further conflict while it is sorted out.
    We encourage both group and solo gameplay, allowing you time to hang out with friends in the kinship, but giving you any personal time you need. Leadership in the guild is built off of guiding our members, not commanding. As for rules, everything is generally the same as with any other kinship, however we have strict rules against bullying/harrassment. We also tend to have around 10-20 kinsmen online at a time.

    Role Play- We are relatively new to it, however we have a massive role play project in the works. It is based off of the adventure in The Lord of the Rings.

    Raiding- We host raids of all levels. Right now, one of our main focuses is Helegrod (there is a reason, will be noted further on in this post). We also host skirmishes and instances of all levels, usually doing at least one a day.

    Housing- We own a beautiful home at Falathlorn Homesteads, Maidlanc, 5 Waterbank Road. The house is expertly decorated, and storage is open to all kinsmen. We also have a second kin home (donated and preserved by one of our officers) that is used for crafting storage.

    Social Gatherings- Right now we have two specific and notable gatherings that we do often. We have a kin-only event of gathering anyone 75+ with a warsteed and rushing through rohan, taking out warbands and common mobs.
    We also host (and founded) a Drunken Brawl Event, which is co-hosted by another wonderful kinship, Cuthalion's Warriors. It is an event open to anyone who wishes to participate. The idea is to spar to not only have fun, but to improve your skills. To add a bit of a kick to it, we also pass around in-game beer and strip of any armor, weapons and jewelery, then proceed to create a "true" drunk fight on the side. :P

    Alliances- Our current allies are the Watchers of Elendil. They are a great group of players, I'd recommend checking them out as well.

    Notable Features-

    Animated Parody Series- Yes, I said it. The Northern Kingdom is the only kinship on the server to actually have it's own animated parody series. As the story goes, my successor (and co leader), Bothorn, is an animator and voice actor. One day, he decided to create a parody of the guild due to all of the hilarious conversations and gameplay experiences we have had.

    Season 1- It consists of 6 main episodes and 1 Halloween Special. The main characters are Kaelalas (the immature kin leader), Bothorn (the brony), Cowman (the dwarf in a dress), Konataluckystar (The anime nut) and Crazy Ned (Not a real player, just based off of the more "wild" moments in the kin chat). The 5 kinsmen learn of Helegrod, and proceed to create their own adventure. What they don't know, unfortunately, is that it is guarded by a giant undead dragon, Thorog, and his minions.

    There is supposedly a second season to be produced, however it is not confirmed.


    Bottom line, this is certainly a large and active kinship, with one of our biggest features including a social and friendly atmosphere. Our members range from all over the world, and we work our hardest to meet any time zone. We believe that harmony in the guild is built off of the friendship and bonds that you will certainly make. You are not forced to participate in any event (though encouraged), and you may always find our kinship to be a wonderful home in your adventures in Middle Earth.

    Our site is www.imperialmovement.com
    We also have a Steam group.

    Feel free to post on this thread, PM me or contact me in-game (on Kaelalas).

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